Kiss Me

Niall Horan had never had a problem with not having a girlfriend while all the lads had one, until now, especially when the only girl he wants sees right through him. Niall tries to get the girl of his dreams, and lifelong best friend, Juniper (who he calls Junie and sometimes Jay) to fall as deeply in love with him as he is with her.


8. Santa Baby

Niall's POV
"Happy birthday Louis!" Juniper screamed, jumping on Louis and engulfing him in a bear hug. They act like this every year on each other's birthdays: insane. Junie is extra excited about this one since she actually got him a present this time.
We've been in the house for a few days now. Yesterday we all went to the mall for last minute Christmas things: decorations, gifts, the whole lot. It's currently 9:00am on December 24th. Louis' birthday and Christmas Eve.
Juniper holds out a small box to Louis and he takes it with a smile. He opens it and laughs loudly.
"Thank you, Junie, I love them!" He yells, squeezing her in another hug. She giggles as he pulls out the gift. It's two necklaces that each make a half of a carrot. One half says "Brother" and the other says "Sister." Louis hands her the "Sister" half and they put the necklaces on.
El chuckles and pulls out her phone. "Smile, you two," She says, and Louis and Junie hold up their necklaces for the camera to see and flash the biggest grins ever. El takes her phone and types a bit then puts it away. Louis' and Juniper's phones go off.
Junie makes her way over to sit next to me on the loveseat, which is really just a big chair. She drapes her legs over my lap and unlocks her phone. I read the tweet over her shoulder.
"EleanorJCalder: @JuniperRoseKelly gave @Louis_Tomlinson and herself "Brother and Sister" necklaces. for his birthday I don't care if they aren't blood related, this is still dang cute."
I wrap my arms around Juniper and pull her into my lap. She snuggles into me and I kiss her head. El makes her way to the biggest couch to sit next to Louis and Harry and Katie. Liam and Maiya are on the next biggest couch together, all snuggled up as well. Zayn and Perrie are-- of course-- sleeping still.
"So, Lou, what do you want to do for your birthday?" I ask, as Zayn and Perrie slowly file into in the living room.
"Happy Birthday, Louis," They both mumble as they pass by on their way to the kitchen. Perrie kisses Lou on the cheek on the way by.
"I just want to have a slow day," Louis says, answering my question and slipping an arm around Eleanor. "I just want to spend the cooking sweets and a big dinner and being lazy with my best friends and beautiful fiancé," He says, squeezing Eleanor, who gasps at him and turns white.
"FIANCE?!" We all shout, including the sleepy couple, who come running in from the kitchen. Louis' face is now as white as Eleanor's.
"Oops," He says. "We were waiting to tell you on Christmas, but I guess I'm not good at keeping quiet. I asked her a few days ago when we were out by the fire alone one night. She said yes," Louis explains, blushing and smiling when El kisses his cheek.
"SHOW US THE ROCK!" Maiya yells as she and the other girls gather around Eleanor. She shows it to them and I must say it is a beautiful ring. It's a simple, thin, silver band with a single, medium sized diamond sticking up off the top. Simple and elegant, just like Eleanor.
"My god, it's gorgeous," Juniper says, breathlessly as she examines it.
I am suddenly thinking about what ring I'd get for Junie if I ever proposed. I'd want it to be simple, but meaningful. Something that describes us.
Woah, why am I thinking about this? We've only been official for a few days. Calm yourself, Nialler.
"Well, you want sweets, let's go make some sweets," I say standing up. "I bought a bunch of new baking mixes at the store because I knew we'd be doing something like this."
"Wait!" The girls yell, standing and backing toward the staircase to our rooms. "You guys go ahead and get out the supplies, we'll be right back."
They run upstairs, giggling, and us guys shrug and go into the kitchen.
"Soooo who here knows where anything is?" Zayn asks, opening cupboards and looking inside.
"Not me," Louis says, doing the same.
"Oh, I do," Liam says, opening a cupboard and pulling out baking mixes.
"Oooofff course you do," Harry says with a smirk, making us laugh.
"Okay, Harry, get the utensils," Liam says with a knowing grin.
Harry scowls at him, but immediately opens a cupboard and pulls out some bowls and mixing tools, making us laugh.
"Ooooh booyyyss," A few seductive voices say from the entryway to the fairly open kitchen.
We all turn to look and our jaws drop. Standing there are our five girlfriends, in very seductive, very revealing, elf costumes, except for Junie, who is dressed as a sexy Santa Clause. They smirk knowingly and each make their way to their boys.
"Hey, sexy," Juniper purrs seductively at me, smirking and running her fingers down my chest lightly and licking her lips. I groan softly and she giggles.
"Why must you do this now?" I ask, and she shrugs and wraps her arms around my midsection smiling up at me.
"Is it bad to have a fetish for Santa Clause now?" I whisper in her ear, lightly tugging at her earlobe with my teeth, chuckling when she shivers.
"Let's get cooking," Louis says, rubbing his hands together and walking to the counter, picking out something to bake. He holds up the brownies and smiles.
"Brownies?" Junie asks, and Louis nods. "In the morning? Okaayyy!"
We cheer and get cooking, nice and orderly.
That's when everything went downhill.

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