Kiss Me

Niall Horan had never had a problem with not having a girlfriend while all the lads had one, until now, especially when the only girl he wants sees right through him. Niall tries to get the girl of his dreams, and lifelong best friend, Juniper (who he calls Junie and sometimes Jay) to fall as deeply in love with him as he is with her.


20. Pure Pain

Niall's POV
I hold tight to her cold hand as I sit next to her hospital bed. I look at her pale face and remember it smiling. I look at her now dull blonde hair and imagine her running her fingers through it.
Juniper isn't dead-- yet. She lays lifeless on the hospital bed, but she is still breathing. She just isn't waking from her slumber.
She was missing for two days, and has been asleep for three more.
Two days in which Brad tortured her. He cut her and beat her and I wasn't there to help her. I close my eyes as I recall when I came upon them.

Louis and I wandered the streets for the second day in a row in tears, asking anyone and everyone if they'd seen her. They all just shook their heads and moved on.

We were beginning to lose all hope of seeing Juniper again, when an old begging man waved us over. Timidly, we made our way over to him and bent down to his level.
"I've seen that girl," He croaks out, pointing at the picture Louis was holding.
"Where?" I ask, scooting closer to him, my heart racing in anticipation.
"I was making me begging rounds on the South end of town, but the old abandoned house, when I saw a burly man carry that girl there into it. I never saw 'em come out," He answers, shrugging and picking at his worn shirt.
I grab his head and kiss the top of it as hope fills my heart. I pull out my wallet and hand him all the cash in it, which happened to be about 1000 pounds, but I don't care.
He smiles graciously and thanks us as we start running toward the abandoned house.
We get there after about twenty minutes of practical sprinting and pull out the pocket knifes we had with us. I nod at Louis and he creaks open the front door. We hear a whimper and a slap coming from the back room. Louis and I move more in and can hear talking now.
I call the police, tell them the situation-- quietly of course-- and wait for their arrival. A few officers come into the house about ten minutes later and circle around us. As a group, the five of us kick open the door to the back room and burst in.
"FREEZE!" The captain yells, holding his gun up at a shocked Brad.
I look to see Junie tied to a chair. My heart sinks when her eyes meet mine and I can feel her plea and her brokenness like it's my own. Tears form in my eyes as she cries. She has two cuts on her cheek, one on her neck, on her side and a few on her thigh. She's covered in bruises and hand prints.
"Junie..." I say.
"Niall..." She answers, smiling weakly at me and starting to cry.
I start to cry too but manage to say, "It's okay, baby, you're going to be okay."
"Sir, step away from the young lady," The captain tells Brad. Brad just smirks and moves
closer to her, revealing an item in his hand; a bloody knife.
"Sir, drop the weapon, please," One of the other officers says. "Nobody needs to get hurt."
Brad smirks and looks at me. "Don't forget, Blondie. She loved me first," He snarls.
Then he stabs Junie in the side.
She screams in agony.
Gunshots go off and Brad falls motionless to the ground.
I run to Junie and untie her as the room spins and becomes blurry and all I can focus on is her.
She falls off the chair and heavily into my arms, eyes unfocused.
"Niall. . ." She says, barely focused on me.
"Yes, baby," I say, brushing her matted hair off her forehead and holding her head so she's looking at me.
"I love you," She chokes, a tear rolling down her cheek.
"An ambulance is on the way!" An officer shouts to me.
I look back to Junie and see her fading.
"I love you, too, Juniper Rose Kelly. I love you more than life itself," I whisper.
She smiles, and then closes her eyes and falls limp.

End flashback. . .
I look back at Junie, who is kept alive by an IV and a heart monitor. The monitor is beeping slowly, droning on and on about how she is barely here.
Tears well up in my eyes and I kiss her forehead, then lay my head down on her stomach, where I can feel it move up and down with her shallow breathes.
Then her breathing stops.
The beeps get slower.
I shoot my head up and look at her.
Then there's a drone. The long endless drone of oncoming Death.
"HELP!" I screech, holding tight to her hand and begging it not to get cold.
Doctors rush in with this machine. They inform me that they are going to shock her heart into starting again. I nod.
"Clear!" The doctor shouts and I let go of her hand.
ZAP. Nothing.
"Junie, please wake up," I cry, looking at her lifeless body desperately.
"Clear!" ZAP. Nothing.
"Please, Junie, I can't live without you," I beg.
"Clear!" ZAP.

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