Kiss Me

Niall Horan had never had a problem with not having a girlfriend while all the lads had one, until now, especially when the only girl he wants sees right through him. Niall tries to get the girl of his dreams, and lifelong best friend, Juniper (who he calls Junie and sometimes Jay) to fall as deeply in love with him as he is with her.


5. Promise Me

Juniper's POV
I stare at the scene in front of me in pure awe and disbelief. A tear escapes my eye and Niall gently wipes it away.
"Oh my god, Niall, are you serious?!" I squeal, turning and throwing my arms around his neck and hugging him tight. He laughs and hugs me back.
"I knew you'd always wanted to have a date here, so I made it happen," He says, kissing the side of my head and pulling back.
I turn back to look again. We are standing in the courtyard/walkway area right next to the London Eye, which towers over us. There is a blanket spread out with candles around it and a picnic basket with champagne sitting in the middle. We are sitting with a perfect open
view of the river and Parliament and Big Ben on the other side. The nighttime London is my favorite London. It is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, lights dancing and flashing and glittering on the old buildings of the great city as people leave to go out and forget about life for a while. Niall grabs my hand and leads me over to the picnic blanket, sitting down and pulling me down too. He pulls two sandwiches out of the picnic basket and hands one to me.
"You even got the food right!" I say, chomping right into my sandwich as he laughs.
"You know sometimes you eat more than me!" He says, tossing a crisp at me and laughs again as it lands in my hair.
"Oh you're gonna get it now!" I yell, tackling him and we go rolling off the blanket into the snow under a tree.
Niall is pinned under me and I'm holding his wrists next to his head and straddling his midsection. I laugh as he squirms and tries to wiggle free without success.
"Oh, you think this is funny? Well then. . ." He says, then with a sudden burst of strength, rolls us over so we've switched rolls. I know there's no way I'm getting myself out of this so I just scowl at him, making him laugh.
He meets my eyes and butterflies start dancing in my stomach. He leans a little closer, so our faces are only a couple inches away. His eyes flick down to my lips and he brushes his lips against mine oh so lightly. He pulls back a little and my lips immediately search for his to finish the broken kiss.
"Why'd you stop?" I ask softly, meeting his eyes. "Don't you want to?"
He smiles at me and says, "Ask me."
My stomach flips and I place my hand on the back of his neck. I bring him lower so our lips are nearly touching and whisper, "Kiss me."
Without hesitation, he crashes his lips into mine and its like a bomb going off. My hand slips up into his hair as he slides a hand around my upper back, lifting my shoulders off the ground so we are even closer. He bites my bottom lip and I shiver, kissing him fiercely, like I've never kissed before. There's something about this kiss that makes my stomach do somersaults and my heart beat rapidly and my palms sweat, even those it's freezing outside.
Niall pulls back and we both stay there, trying to catch our breath.
"Wow," Niall says, meeting my eyes again. I can only nod my head. He laughs a little and shifts off of me. He picks me up bridal styles and carries me over to the blanket.
"Figured we shouldn't lay in the snow. We don't want hypothermia," He sets me down on the blanket and I immediately start shivering as his warmth leaves me.
He opens the basket again and pulls out a large quilt. He wraps it around both of us, wrapping us in almost a cocoon, with only our heads peaking out. He wraps his arms around me and shifts behind me so his legs are on either side of me. I lean back against his chest and am consumed by his warmth and the warmth of the quilt. He kisses the back of my head as we gaze out to the river and the city. I sigh.
"What are you thinking about?" Niall asks, nuzzling into the back of my head.
"Just about how many times I tried to get Brad to come here with me. He never understood the weird obsession I have with watching the city. He'd call it stupid and then he'd go drinking and come home and. . ." I stop talking and look down, knowing I already said too much.

Niall's POV
"And what?" I ask suspiciously.
She shakes her head and says, "Nothing. It's nothing."
"I don't believe you for a second," I say, squeezing her tighter so she rests entirely back into my chest.
"If I tell you this you have to promise not to get mad. Please," She says quietly, turning under the blanket so she's sideways, legs draped over my left leg, lower back against my right leg, sitting between my legs, and looking at me desperately.
"Okay, I promise," I say, rubbing her back with my right hand and grabbing her hand with the other.
She takes a shaky breath and says, "You know how I was never really specific about how Brad and I broke up?" I nod my head and she adds, "And how Brad pretty much disappeared after we broke up?" I nod again. "Well," She says, rubbing her finger tips lightly on the back of my hand, looking down. "He's in jail."
"What? Why?" I ask, sitting up straighter and searching her face to see she has tears running down her cheeks.
"I put him there. I called the police on him. He used to beat me. When he got drunk, he'd come home and beat me," She says, bursting into tears and covering her face with her hands. I immediately wrap my arms tight around her and squeeze her against my chest, rocking her like a child as she sobs. I continually kiss the top of her head and whisper that everything is okay now over and over until she calms down a bit. I continue to hold her there, afraid to pull back and witness the brokenness in her beautiful eyes.
"Why didn't you ever tell me?" I whisper, realizing that my voice is crackly and I've been crying as well.
She must have sensed it because she looks up and wipes my tears away, kissing my lips gently. "He threatened to hurt you if I ever told you, and I wanted nothing more than to keep you safe," she says, kissing my chin.
"Why's that?" I ask, placing my hand on her face and stroking her cheekbone with my thumb.
"Because I was in love with you. He wouldn't let me leave, so I figured if I couldn't be with you, I might as well protect you," She says, kissing me again.
I pull back and say, "But I could have helped you. He is about my size, I could have helped you."
She shakes her head as new tears start to fall down her flushed cheeks. I kiss them away, tasting their saltiness on my lips.
"I promise," I say, leaning my forehead against hers. We both close our eyes. "I promise, I'll never hurt you like that and I'll never let anyone hurt you like that. You're safe with me, Juniper, I swear on my life. I will take care of you."
She lets out a sob and kisses me again, more firmly this time. She pulls back and leans sideways into me. We continue to watch the city and the lights dancing on the river until I feel her breathing slow down and her muscles relax. She's fallen asleep.
I pull out my cell phone and call Paul. I ask him to come pick up our picnic equipment for us so I can get Junie home and into bed. He agrees. I pick Junie up bridal style and carry her over and set her in the passenger seat of my car. I put her seatbelt on her and kiss her forehead before running over to the drivers side, hopping in, and taking off toward home.
When we pull up at the condo, I call Louis and ask him to hold open the front door for me so I can carry Juniper inside. I pick Junie up and walk us both in the front door, thanking Lou on my way by, and walk straight to her bedroom. I lay her on her bed and remove her jacket and shoes. I pull her duvet over her and situate her pillow around her head. She starts reaching for something next to her absent mindedly and I immediately know what it is. I reach to the other side of her bed and pick up her small teddy bear that her dad gave her the day before he left for work and never returned. He didn't leave them on purpose, he was just lost on the field as a field agent. Mission gone wrong. This bear is all she has of him here in London. She sleeps with it every night.
I hand her the bear and she curls up with it, facing the outer edge of the bed. I kiss her head and whisper an "I love you" before heading toward her door.
"Niall?" She whimpers, reaching an arm up for me. I walk back over and take her hand, kissing it.
"Yes, love?"
"Will you sleep with me?" She asks without opening her eyes.
"Of course, sweetheart," I answer, kicking off my shoes and coat and climbing into bed behind her. I wrap my arms around her waist and entwine our legs. I kiss the back of her head and say, "Goodnight, my love."
"Goodnight, Niall, I love you too," She barely manages to get out, and sleep consumes us both. Notes

Oooooo what do you guys think?! Pretty intense chapter, I had fun writing this one.

~ Questionable

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