Kiss Me

Niall Horan had never had a problem with not having a girlfriend while all the lads had one, until now, especially when the only girl he wants sees right through him. Niall tries to get the girl of his dreams, and lifelong best friend, Juniper (who he calls Junie and sometimes Jay) to fall as deeply in love with him as he is with her.


7. Officially

Juniper's POV
"We're here!" I hear Perrie shout from the seat in front of me. I jump and scare the living daylights out of Niall, who was asleep next to me. The whole van cheers as we see the country home in front of us. I'm so excited to be here again, with my favorite people in the whole world and my best friend.
"How'd you sleep, babe?" I ask Niall, taking his hand and rubbing the back of it with my other hand.
"Great! Especially since you were right next to me," He says, burying his face in my neck, making me giggle and the whole car make gagging noises again. I jumped out of the car first and gave them the finger as I walked inside, waving it up high in the air to make sure they see it. I hear laughter coming from the van as I enter the main room. I walk into the living room and take in the gorgeous furnishing of this dream home. I've always wanted a house like this. Big and clean and spacious enough to live with my best friends all in one place with enough elbow room for each of us. The house smells like cinnamon. I close my eyes and take a whiff, smiling largely. I love the smell of cinnamon because it's the smell of Christmas.
I feel strong arms slither around my waist and warm lips kiss my head. I lay my arms over Niall's and smile.
"This house is beautiful," I say, looking around again.
"You're beautiful," Niall says, and I blush and look down.
"Okay guys I put your luggage in your rooms. The sixth bedroom is currently under renovation and can't be used, so I just put each couple in their own room. Is that okay?" Paul asks and I tense up a bit. Niall and I, though we are being lovey dovey, are not officially together yet. He has yet to ask me to be his girlfriend. I'm okay with sharing a room. We do that all the time, it's just we are halfway between couple and friends and it's kind of awkward.
'Yeah that's fine thanks, Paul," Eleanor says, flashing her gorgeous smile.
"No problem. I'll be in the guest house just down that hill in case you need me," Paul says, pointing to the small house about 80 meters away down a slight slope and we all nod and thank him again as he heads out.
"Let's go get unpacked and then meet back up in the common room for lunch, okay?" Liam says. We all agree and head to our rooms.
Niall and I make our way to our room silently and each unzip our suitcase. I claim on dresser and he claims the other. Neither of us say a word while we unpack. I'm not talking because I'm kind of mad that he just assumes we are together now. I was never formally asked, so therefore we are not formally together. Makes enough sense to me.
I finish up and sit on the bed, leaning back against the headboard and playing with my hands awkwardly. Niall finishes up as well and comes to sit next to me, taking my hand and kissing my cheek.
"You okay, love?" He asks. I nod, not looking up.
"You sure? You seem like something's bothering you," He says, looking at me with concern.
"I'm fine, Niall," I say, a bit too sternly. He lets go of my hand and looks hurt, before I can apologize he just nods and leaves the room.
A tear falls down my cheek and I wipe it away quickly, sighing deeply to calm myself down. I'm not sure what's gotten into me, and now I've hurt Niall because I'm such a bitch.
I go into the bathroom, take out my razor, and make one small cut in the crook of my elbow. I hardly do this unless I think I need to be taught what pain feels like, like when I hurt someone else. It starts to bleed, so I immediately clean it up and put on a sweatshirt to hide the new cut.
I wipe my tears and join the others in the common room. We eat lunch, play a game, watch a movie, eat dinner, and then when we are all ready to settle into our bedrooms for the night, and Niall hasn't said one word to me all day. He just gets up and leaves, bidding the others goodnight. They ask me what got into him, but I just shrug. Everyone except Louis and I go up to bed.
I look at Louis and let a tear fall. He opens his arms and I go straight into them, cuddling up into his side for protection; against what I don't know. I cry and he rubs my back, hushing me.
"What happened, princess?" Lou asks, kissing the top of my head.
"I-I was a bit irritated that he hasn't officially asked me to be his girlfriend. He just assumes we are formally a couple. I didn't tell him that, but when he asked if I was okay, I said I was fine, but I said it with a really bitter tone. I hurt his feelings. He hasn't done anything wrong as far as he know and I was just such a bitch to him for no reason," I say, crying.
Louis squeezes me tighter and says, "I'm sorry, love. Niall is very sensitive. I'm sure if he knew you wanted to be formally asked, he would have done it by now. Relationships are kind of new to him, so he's not very good at it. Just give him some time. He'll figure it out."
I nod and sit up again. Louis kisses my cheek and says goodnight, then heads upstairs to bed as well. I sit there and compose myself, then go up to Niall and mine bedroom. He is already in bed and asleep. I didn't even get a goodnight or a nod or anything.
I messed up big time. I go back into the bathroom and cut again, letting out a small whimper and dropping the blade on the counter as I start to cry. I didn't used to do this. I started when my dad died when I was fifteen. My mom became bitter and hard on me and the only way I would forget the mental pain was to create physical pain.
"Junie?" Niall says, opening the bathroom door. He gasps when he sees me on the floor, crying and my arm covered in blood. He must have heard me.
"Shit, June," He says, dropping to his knees in front of me. He grabs a towel and starts to wipe up the blood. He starts to cry too.
"Juniper Rose Kelly, how could you do this to yourself?" He says angrily, dabbing my arm while I wince.
"I-I'm. . .so. . .sorry," I say between sobs, messily wiping my cheeks with my unhurt arm.
He takes off his shirt and ties it around the cut, which is definitely deeper than I meant for it to be.
"I can't believe this. Why, Junie? Why are you hurting yourself like this?" He hisses as he ties the last knot.
"I'm so sorry," I choke out, pulling my arm into me. "I hurt myself when I hurt other people. I hurt you. I was mean and heartless and I hurt you. You ignored me all day and I thought I was going to go insane and then you went to bed without saying goodnight. You have never not said goodnight to me," I sob and he wraps his arms around me, pulling me into his bare chest and crying with me.
"God you're so dumb. Don't you ever do this again, you understand? You scared the shit out of me. I'm sorry I overreacted. I just wanted to help and all you ever do is push me away and I just got upset that I can never get close enough to help you. Please don't cut again. When you hurt, I hurt. I hate to see you like this. I love you too much to see you like this," He says, crying and rocking me like a baby.
"I promise I won't," I say back.
Niall picks me up and carries me to bed. He lays down behind me and pulls the duvet over us, snuggling up behind me with his arms around my waist.
"Niall?" I say, rubbing his arm.
"Yes, love?"
"You know I was only irritated because you hadn't asked me to be your girlfriend officially. You just assumed we were together," I say, holding my breath for his response.
]"I'm sorry. That was stupid of me," He says. Then he tightens his grip on me and whispers, "Will you be my girlfriend, Juniper?"
I smile and answer, "Of course, Charming."
I can sense his smile when he says, "Goodnight, Junie, I love you."
"Night, Niall. Love you, too."

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