Kiss Me

Niall Horan had never had a problem with not having a girlfriend while all the lads had one, until now, especially when the only girl he wants sees right through him. Niall tries to get the girl of his dreams, and lifelong best friend, Juniper (who he calls Junie and sometimes Jay) to fall as deeply in love with him as he is with her.


13. Missing Him

Juniper's POV
"Oh my god, Charming, it's beautiful!" I say, pulling out the necklace and holding it gently in my palm.
"I figured you'd like it," Niall says, smiling.
I look back down and admire it. The pendant is a music note with a small heart dangling off the end. The whole thing is about nickel-sized and sterling silver, except for the heart, which is a single diamond.
"Niall, this must have cost a fortune," I say breathlessly.
"Anything for you," He replies, kissing my cheek, making me blush.
"Will you help me put it on?" I ask. He nods and I turn so my back is toward him. I hold my hair up off of my neck. He kisses my neck right where it meets my shoulder in the back. He wraps the chain around my neck and hooks it, letting it hang. I place my fingers over it, liking the feel of the cold metal on my chest. I turn around and face Niall, meeting his eyes.
Niall lightly runs his fingers down the chain and then over the pendant, smiling slightly. "It looks beautiful on you," He says, kissing me gently.
"You guys are grossing me out," Katie says, coming over and tackling me, throwing us both into a fit of giggles.
I push her off of me and she falls on the floor, so I take the opportunity and pin her to the ground, both of us laughing.
"Cat fight!" Perrie whoops. "Now taking bets!"
"My money's on Junie," Niall says, laughing.
"I got mine set on Kay," Harry says, smirking.
Katie gives me a knowing look and I smirk. We both stop fighting and stand up. We straighten our shirts and shake hands before settling back down next to our boyfriends.
"Wait what?" Harry says, looking quite disappointed.
"We called a truce," I say, winking at him. He groans and pouts like a ten year old.
"Who wants Christmas tea?" Paul says, coming in with a tray that has ten mugs on it. We all raise our hands and take a mug when he sets them on the coffee table.
"Paul, don't you want some?" I ask.

Niall's POV
"Paul, don't you want some?" Juniper asks, giving Paul a smile.
"I. . . um. . . I don't have to have any. It's your tea," Paul says, stuttering.
"Nonsense! It's Christmas, for Christ sake! Here, Paul, take a seat. I'll go make you some," Junie says, standing up. Before Paul can object, she's already in the kitchen.
"She's such a sweetheart," Paul says, sitting down in the free spot next to me. "If you hurt her, I swear you'll regret it," He says, punching me lightly in the arm and chuckling. I chuckle too, still a bit scared.
Junie does honestly have the purest heart I've ever seen. She's caring and loving and perfect. She loves even the most hateful people. I don't think she knows how to hate.
Juniper comes back in a few minutes later with a tea cup that says, "World's Best Bodyguard" on it. She hands it to Paul.
"What's this?" Paul asks, reading the mug.
"I got you a Christmas present," Junie says, sitting on my lap and picking up her mug. "As a thank you for not letting any of our dumb asses do something stupid."
Paul laughs. "Thank you, Juniper, this was very thoughtful of you."
Junie smiles and takes a sip of her tea.
The rest of the day we just kind of lounge around. I called my family and Junie called her mother and her brother. Her brother's name is Josh. He's sixteen and a pretty awesome dude. The rest of the group calls their families, too. We settle in and have a Christmas movie marathon. Lunch and dinner are take out orders because, you know, we're pretty damn lazy. By the time it reaches nine o'clock, Junie and Louis are starting to realize Christmas is almost over. Junie's eyes well up with tears as she looks at her Santa hat. Louis sits down next to her and weakly smiles. He takes the hat and touches the fluffy end to the tip of her nose, making her smile a bit.
"Hey, you know, now we can start preparing for next Christmas," Louis says, like he does every year, trying to cheer Junie up. She smiles and nods, hugging Louis.
But I know the real reason why she's upset.
"Okay, guys, we should all hit the hay, because a couple certain someones woke us up at six this morning," Liam says, playfully glaring at Louis and Junie, who both giggle.
"Goodnight," Paul says, then closes the back door behind him, making his way to the guest house.
We all say goodnight to one another. The other couples go upstairs, but I can't seem to get Juniper to budge. Come on, it can't start now. Not yet. Just let her get upstairs and into bed, please.
"Junie, love, it's bedtime," I say, watching as a tear escapes and falls. I sigh and pick her up. I carry her upstairs and into the bedroom, shutting the door with my foot. I set her on the bed so she's sort of sitting up against the headboard. I change into sweats and leave my shirt off. I climb into bed next to her and gather her into my arms.
She starts to sob. Not just cry. She sobs. Shaking and cringing noises and sniffling. True pain and loss and sadness.
"Come on, Junie, it's okay," I say, rocking her gently, knowing full well that it isn't okay. It's not okay at all.
"Niall," She sobs, looking up at me. Her blue eyes are like shattered glass as tears fall down her cheeks like rivers. My eyes well up with tears too as I try to wipe hers away.
"I'm so sorry," I whisper, and she sobs again and falls back down on my chest, shaking again.
"He loved Christmas," She says, I nod.
"He loved the smell of cinnamon. He loved the presents and the caroling. He loved the decorations. Christmas was his favorite, and he's missing it," She cries clinging to me for support as her cries shake her into a restless sleep.
She finally falls limp against me and I let out a silent sob. I want nothing more than to take her pain away. I wish I could make her happy again. I wish I could bring back her Santa Clause.
I wish I could bring back her father for her.

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