Kiss Me

Niall Horan had never had a problem with not having a girlfriend while all the lads had one, until now, especially when the only girl he wants sees right through him. Niall tries to get the girl of his dreams, and lifelong best friend, Juniper (who he calls Junie and sometimes Jay) to fall as deeply in love with him as he is with her.


1. Charming

Niall's POV
"Okay lads, I'm going now!" I shout into the living room of our shared condo as I make my way to the door.
"Alright, Ni, see ya later then!" Louis says and I slip outside into the cold London air, shutting the door behind me.
I live with my band mates-- Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn-- in a condo in London. Most would think it would be too crowded living with four other people, but it's really not.
What's crowded is when they're girlfriends sleep over, which is like ALL THE TIME. The girls-- Eleanor, Perrie, Maiya (Liam's girl), and Katie (Harry's girl)-- are lovely but they make the condo ever that much smaller.
I shiver and pull my coat tighter around me as I see snow begin to fall a bit. It's December 18th, a week before Christmas and 6 days before Louis's birthday. I still had no idea what to get him, but I think who I'm going to get will be quite a surprise to them all and hopefully be a good early birthday present to Louis.
The lads think I'm going to a meeting with management, but I'm really headed to the airport, to pick up my most favorite person in the world, who's returning from a trip to Ireland to see family. I can't wait. She's my best friend.
I hop in my car and start the engine. I pull away and start driving to the airport.
My hands start to get sweaty and my heart starts beating rapidly out of nerves. It's silly to be acting like this, I mean really, I see her all the time. She was only gone two weeks.
I park my car in front of the airport and step out of my car to wait for her. I'm wearing a disguise so I wonder if she'll still recognize me right away.
Suddenly there she is. Her gorgeous blonde hair falling lazily over her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes curious and alert. She's wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt, black jeans tucked into combat boots, a grey coat and a black scarf, rolling a red suitcase behind her. She's gorgeous, as always.
"Juniper!" I yell. She turns to look at me and I wave. A smile grows on her perfect face as she runs toward me, suitcase in tow. She crashes into me, hugging me tight.
"Hey, Junie," I say, nuzzling into her hair and wrapping my arms around her waist. She smells like flowers. She must be wearing the perfume I got her a couple months ago for her birthday.
"Hey, Charming," she says, stepping back and winking at me, letting out a giggle. She calls me Charming because we'd always play fairytales as kids, and I was always the Prince Charming.
"Ready to go?" I ask, grabbing her suitcase and placing it in my trunk.
"Ready as I'll ever be!" She chirps, jumping into the passenger seat. I run around to the other side of the car, hop in, and take off toward home.
Junie takes my hand and asks, "Anyone know I'm back?"
I give her hand a squeeze and say, "Nope! You're a total surprise." She smiles.
No we aren't dating. Junie is my best friend from childhood. I love her, but she doesn't seem to notice.
"By the way, Ni, your mom stopped by my mom's house while I was there, she says she misses and loves you," Junie says.
I smile, thinking about my mom and family back home. I miss them quite a bit actually. I do actually have some time off now. I'll probably fly up and visit after Christmas.
"I miss her too," I say. We sit in silence the rest of the way to the condo, hand in hand.
When we get there, I grab Juniper's suitcase and carry if for her to the door. On the way up to the condo, Junie says, "I hope Louis didn't take over my room like he said he was going to."
I laugh and say, "Oh, he tried, but I kept him from it."
"My hero," Junie says, smirking.
I unlock the door and we both walk in. I motion for Junie to be quiet and she nods her head.
"Hey, boys, I'm back!" I yell, setting my keys on the small table by the door.
"Hey!" Everyone says, and I hear the girls voices as well.
"What was your meeting about?" Liam asks. I can't see them yet because I haven't come into the living room. I grab Juniper's hand and slowly lead her into the living room.
"What meeting?" I ask innocently.
"The one you left for about an hour--" Louis says turning around to see me but then stops when he sees Juniper. "OH MY GOD NO WAY!" He shouts, jumping up and running to hug her, throwing her into a fit of giggles. I smile widely. The rest of the group turns as well.
"JUNIPER!" They all yell and engulf her in a group hug. I can still hear her muffled giggles from inside the mass of bodies.
"You weren't supposed to be back until after Christmas!" Louis says to her, smiling like a madman. Louis is like Juniper's big brother. He's the next closest person to her after me. She really seemed to be able to trust Louis since the beginning, which is rare because Junie hardly trusts anyone, at least not that quickly.
"I came back to surprise you and to be here for your birthday!" Junie says, kissing his cheek and going to sit down on the sofa.
Louis grabs my shoulders and says, "Best. Birthday gift. Ever! Thanks man!"
I smile and punch his shoulder lightly. "No problem, lad. I figured you'd be excited." I look over to Juniper and see her and El already snuggled up and chattering. The other three girls join them and Junie talks about her trip. El doesn't seem to mind the close relationship between Louis and Juniper, which is good. Junie would never come between El and Lou, and El knows that and trusts her.
This holiday, I'm going to tell Juniper how I feel about her. I'm not sure when or how, but it will happen. I'm tired if being the only lad without a girl just because I'm too scared to tell Juniper I love her. She's the one for me, I just know it. I hope she starts too see it too.
"Let's go out tonight!" Juniper suggests, and I smile. She never could sit still for more than five seconds.
"Club?" Perrie suggests, and the rest of us nod in response.
I might get a chance to dance with Junie tonight.
This could be the night.
"First dinner," Harry says, making his way to the kitchen.
At dinner I barely ate, claiming I hate eaten on the way to the airport, but truly I was thinking about the night ahead.
For once, I was too nervous to eat.

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