The Theif who stole my heart

I ran into my room and closed the door. I walked over to my bed and sat down. How could he do this to me? I thought we had something but we obviously don't if he can keep such i big secret from me. I don't get it. I felt my phone vibrate. I looked down at it to see Harry calling me.Then i heard a knock on my door. I hung up the call and walked over to my door. I opened the door to see harry there. I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into my room. He then shut the door behind him. "Grace.." "Harry you need to leave ok. If my dad saw you he would kill you. Plus your 'big secret' is out. He knows what you've done. And i don't want to be around you." He looked upset and ran his fingers through his hair. "Grace i don't care if your dad see's me here. I want to be with you." "Harry your a criminal, my dads a cop. Things like that don't get along to well. Now leave." As i opened the door their standing on the other side of the door was my dad.


12. The Movies

*****Graces pov*****

"Hey Harry do you mind if we go to the movies?Call me back when you have the chance! Ok bye." I asked over the phone as a paced back and forth in my room. "He isn't picking up!" I said as I threw the phone on my bed. "Well that stinks. Lets go home Ave." Niall got up and tried to drag Avery out of the room. "Niall let go of me. Don't worry Grace maybe he doesn't have reception!" Maybe but i don't think so. I told myself. He has been acting awkwardly lately. "I think theres something wrong with him. I mean maybe Nialls right about him when he said that Harry was acting strange..." Niall stood up to draw attention to himself and then did a fake hair whip while he said, "I knew i was right." Avery looked at him. "Niall?" "yes?" "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP." "Ok." He said as he sat back down with his hands up as he was saying "Just know that when something happens i call it. "Hey Grace come here!" I heard Ethan say from the living room. Me, Niall and Avery ran down stairs as quickly as possible to see Ethan and Tyler huddled on the couch watching the news. "What the heck?" I said as i sat right in between Ethan and Tyler. Avery and Niall sat on the floor in front of me. It was the guy that keeps doing those massive robbery's at the banks and keeps getting away with it. "Look thats dads car." Ethan said in excitement as he pointed out a cop car trying to track down a black Audi R8 Coupe. Thats weird. That looks like Harry's car. As they zoomed in on the video that was being live streamed i got a good look at the driver. Tyler head popped up. "Wait.....Isn't that" I leaped up and shut off the tv ok guys lets go to sleep i'm feeling pretty tired i know all of you are too." Tyler looked at me confused. "I thought you guys were going to the movies?" I laughed. "Yeah well turns out somethings telling me we aren't going to make it. Even if we speed all the way over to the movies. So goodnight! Love the both of you and Niall, Avery you guys can change in my room." I kissed Ethan and Tyler goodnight. As i walked away i heard Tyler say, "Ethan did you see that. That looked like the kid from our school. Was it Henry? No that doesn't sound right...What about Harrison?" Ethan laughed. "Thats not any body at our school. The kids at our school can't even drive and that guy looks like an advanced driver." I laughed at how clueless they both are but really mad. Why didn't he tell me? The three of us walked into my room very quietly before Niall said, "I told you their was something weird about him but never would i have thought that he was a criminal." That makes the two of us.

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