The Theif who stole my heart

I ran into my room and closed the door. I walked over to my bed and sat down. How could he do this to me? I thought we had something but we obviously don't if he can keep such i big secret from me. I don't get it. I felt my phone vibrate. I looked down at it to see Harry calling me.Then i heard a knock on my door. I hung up the call and walked over to my door. I opened the door to see harry there. I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into my room. He then shut the door behind him. "Grace.." "Harry you need to leave ok. If my dad saw you he would kill you. Plus your 'big secret' is out. He knows what you've done. And i don't want to be around you." He looked upset and ran his fingers through his hair. "Grace i don't care if your dad see's me here. I want to be with you." "Harry your a criminal, my dads a cop. Things like that don't get along to well. Now leave." As i opened the door their standing on the other side of the door was my dad.


7. O No

*****Graces pov*****

I ran up to my room as fast as i could. I seriously don't want either of my brothers in my love life. I reached my room and ran inside. Then i closed the door behind me as i leaned against it. I slid down my bedroom door and felt something ribrate. I reached towards my back pocket and pulled out my phone. It was a text from Harry.


Harry: Whats up beautiful? ;)


I smiled to my self and replied.


Grace: How did you get my number?


Harry: I guess you'll never know!


I laughed and told him i had to go.


Harry: Aww party pooper! I hope i'll get to see that beautiful face of yours tommorrow!


Grace: You will.


Then i felt somebody open the door. I jumped up and shoved my phone in my back pocket. It was my dad. "Hi daddy!" I said as i hugged him really tight. "Hi princess! Anything happened at school today?" "Nope. Me, Niall, and Avery did what we always did which was that we walked home together." He smiled. "Good. No boys right!" I grunted. "NO DAD." I shoved him out of my room. "Hey i was just checking." I turned back around to walk to my bed when i felt a little tug on my back pocket. I turned around to see Ethan holding my phone. "Hmm let's see whats on Graces phone shall we." I looked at him. "I don't think you want to do that now would you ethan?" He laughed. "I think i would." Then he sprinted down the hallway to his room and i chased him screaming. "Ethan give me back my phone." he plopped on his bed and started reading my messages. "Oww Grace has a crush. O you know who we should tell. We should tell tyler. O TYLER!" I grabbed his face and smushed it on the bed. Tyler walked out of his room and was now leaning on the door frame with his messy hair. "What do you children want." Ethan tryed to talk but all you heard was muffuling. I freaked out and said "O.. i ... just umm...wanted you to see how i'm beating up your brother. See!" He gave me a thumbs up and left the room. Before i even got the chance to get off of him he chucked me off the bed and went running down the hallway screaming "TYLER I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!" I chased after him and before he reached the door i tackeled him. At this point we were both out of breath. Then i heard my dad yell from down stairs. "YOU GUYS BETTER STOP ACTING LIKE IDIOTS BEFORE I GO UP THERE. LAST TIME I CHECKED YOU GUYS DON'T WORK TOMMORROW." Ethan got up and sprinted to Tylers door before i knew it, he was in his room. He handed Tyler my phone and told him to read my message. He took the phone and before i jumped to tackle Tyler, Ethan grabbed me and put me in a head lock. He told me that if i move i'll be flipped really hard. Tyler looked at me with a confused face. My face started to turn red "What?" I said really shyly. He looked at my phone one last time before he looked back at me. "I forgot your password!"

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