The Theif who stole my heart

I ran into my room and closed the door. I walked over to my bed and sat down. How could he do this to me? I thought we had something but we obviously don't if he can keep such i big secret from me. I don't get it. I felt my phone vibrate. I looked down at it to see Harry calling me.Then i heard a knock on my door. I hung up the call and walked over to my door. I opened the door to see harry there. I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into my room. He then shut the door behind him. "Grace.." "Harry you need to leave ok. If my dad saw you he would kill you. Plus your 'big secret' is out. He knows what you've done. And i don't want to be around you." He looked upset and ran his fingers through his hair. "Grace i don't care if your dad see's me here. I want to be with you." "Harry your a criminal, my dads a cop. Things like that don't get along to well. Now leave." As i opened the door their standing on the other side of the door was my dad.


3. Getting a ride

*****Graces pov*****

It was the end of the school day. I was at my locker getting everything i needed when i heard that british accent i would hear all the time. "Heyy beautiful." I blushed a little before saying, "Hi Harry." "So i'm having a party tonight and i was wondering if you wanted to come?" I looked at him very excitedly. "Your inviting me to a popular party." He laughed. "If you want to call it that. Then..... Yeah!" O MY GOSH!! Then i got upset. "I'm sorry Harry but i don't think my dad's going to let me." He looked at me with an upset face. Then his frown turned upside down. "What if i talk to your dad?" I looked at him and laughed. He looked very confused at why i was laughing. "My dads a cop. If anything i should talk to my dad not you." Then i could see that Harry started to get unconfturble. I put my hand on his should and said "Whats the matter?" He still looked worried and deeply in thought. "Nothin. Ummm nice to see you. I guess i'll see you tommorrow?" I looked at him and smiled. "I have no where else to be." He then walked away very strangly. Hmm i wonder what that was about. All i did was just shrugg it off and closed my locker. I then started to head down the hallway when i heard my name being called down the hallway. I turned around and saw Avery and Niall running towards me. "Heyy guys whats up?" "O nothing much. Becides the fact that we walk home together every day." Niall said while he was trying to catch his breath. I looked at them in shock. "Aww i'm sorry guys. I forgot. I just got of track about what happened a couple minutes ago." Avery looked at me with an intrusting face on. "So what did happen a couple minutes ago." She gave me a little nudge. I smiled and said "It wasn't what you thought. Harry invitied me to his party and i got excited." "O Boy!" I looked at Niall. "Can you just listen to the story before you start to judge." He shrugged. "Maybe." I sighed a continued on. "Like i was saying....Then i remmembered that my dad would never let me go. So when i told him i don't think i can go, He told me to let him speak to my dad." Then Avery started laughing. "Your dad would taser him so bad." I looked at her serouisly and then she stopped laughing. "After that i told him that my dad was a cop and then he got kinda weird." Then Niall took a cheese stick out of his backpack and just as he was about to take a bit. I took the whole thing away from him and took a bite. Then i handed it back to him. Niall looked  at me with a weird face. "You just took a bite of my cheese stick!!!" I looked at him and stuck my tongue out. "Yes i did and your Niall." "Oww Oww me next." I looked at Avery. She looked at me confused. "We're not playing the game any more?" I laughed. "We weren't playing a game we were stating the obviouse."


All three of us were walking home when a car drove up next to us. I looked over and waited until the window was lowered. "You guys need a ride." It was Harry. Niall looked over and before he could say anything Avery said. "Sure!" Theb before me and her jumped in the car Niall pulled us back with our arms. I looked at him and grunted. "Whats wrong Niall." He looked kinda upset. "I don't think we should trust him." Avery came over to him and gave him a playfull push. "I think we should. First of all he is popular and second of all he is hot. What is there not to trust?" All i could do was giggle. Niall looked even more upset. "Grace. He got nervouse when you said that your dad was a cop. He could be a robber for all we know are you could be a murderer." I laughed. "Niall look at him. Does he look like somebody who would rob banks or murder people?" "No." "Then come on." We all got in the car. I was sitting shout gun and Avery and Niall were sitting in the back. "Thanks again Harry for giving us a ride." He looked at me and smiled. "Any time love." Then Niall got mad at him and kicked his seat. I looked at Niall with a mad face and he put is hands up like he was going to sorender. Harry then laughed and said "Ready to go." Everybody said yes except for Niall who said no. Then we were off.

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