Catching Feelings

Georgia (main character) is an 18 year old Canadian girl suffering from depression. One day she's watching TV and sees this Canadian superstar under the name of Justin Bieber singing 'Fall' she instantly falls in love with him and when she finds out he's from Canada she goes on a search for him. Can she find him?


2. Who's this Justin guy?

Elisa had just finished inspecting Georgia's body and was relieved that the only scratch she had was on her back from when they both went to the park and Elisa had pushed her too high on the swing and she went to do a flip off it and landed on her back straight on a stick which snapped. She screamed in pain and Elisa was stressing so much she didn't know what to do. She was going to call the ambulance but there wasn't any blood so she would've come across 'overreacting' so she just gave Georgia a piggy-back to her car and they went to her house.

They both spoke about that memory and Georgia teased Elisa about it because she was so stressed. Elisa jokingly pushes Georgia then gets up.

E - Alright chicky, enough teasing me! go and get your stuff ready and put some clothes on.

Georgia sighs and stands up. She gets her floral tank top out and her favourite high-wasted shorts. She puts them on and walks into the bathroom to get her toothbrush, toothpaste and her hair straightener.

"Don't forget your make-up!" Elisa yells out, Georgia sighs and gets her make-up.

*A few hours later*

She had finally packed for her month with her bestfriend when Elisa says,

"Don't forget your swimmers! We are going to the beach. and some warm clothes! We might go to the snow for a week! and some nice clothes so we can go out to restaurants. We will also be going to the movies, ice skating, bowling, the city, Luna park, Jamberoo, and more places! ALSOOOO! I spoke to our principal and we get the whole month off school, you need a break from all this bullying! She is also going to speak to the bullies, they've done so much stuff to you they are on the very edge of getting EXPELLED."

Her eyes lit, she ran over to Elisa and jumped on her.

"THANKYOU SO MUCH!!" She gets off her kisses her on the cheek then goes to her drawers, she then pulls out her floral bikini.

E- I can tell you have an obsession with floral things

G- yea! it just looks so good!

E- Just as well the room you're staying in has floral walls and a floral bed sheet.

Georgia smiles, she packs her bikini away and any extra things she may need like phone charger, laptop and laptop charger, purse, money, earrings.

She puts her suitcase into Elisa's car and off they go.

*15 minutes later*

Elisa pulls into her driveway, her house is massive! Georgia never really went to Elisa's house because Elisa was always with Georgia. She gets her suitcase out off the car whilst Elisa unlocks the door and they both enter the house. Its beautiful, they have white carpet, just a crème colour on the walls and a staircase that kinda swirls. Elisa escorts Georgia upstairs and shows her the room she will be in for the month. It has a light purple border around the floral wallpaper, the queen sized bed has floral bedsheet and floral pillow cases. Theres a white set of drawers and a built-in wardrobe with a big mirror. She puts her suit case down and starts putting clothes in the wardrobe.

Once she's finished she goes downstairs and turns on the TV. Elisa was just ordering pizza's and allowed Georgia to watch whatever she wanted to whilst she was just cleaning up a little bit. Georgia turns on the TV and its on MTV she leaves it on and the she starts to doze off. When she wakes up she looks at the TV and sees this very attractive boy on TV. She sits up and stares at the TV. She listens as he sings a song under the name of 'Be Alright'. Tears fill her eyes as she listens to the amazing boy sing. At the end of the song she stands up and starts to walk away when she hears him singing again. This time he's singing 'Fall' she sits there and finds herself swaying to the boy singing. She hears the name "Justin Bieber" and she gets her laptop and searches him up...

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