Catching Feelings

Georgia (main character) is an 18 year old Canadian girl suffering from depression. One day she's watching TV and sees this Canadian superstar under the name of Justin Bieber singing 'Fall' she instantly falls in love with him and when she finds out he's from Canada she goes on a search for him. Can she find him?


1. Bestfriends are always there..

"THATS IT! IM DONE! I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE!" 18 Year old Georgia has just arrived home from school and bolts up to her bedroom, she gets bullied everyday at school for being short, but there's shorter people in her grade that don't get bullied so why does she? Maybe it was because they knew people in higher grades, or their brothers were like wrestler or something, but whatever it was it had Georgia be the one from the crowd to get bullied.

She doesn't find it fair, she has beautiful long brown hair, she wore the newest clothes out, she has everything all the other teenagers have if not more but still manages to get picked on because of her height. She bolts in her room crying, opens her draw and looks to see what's in there. She sees scissors, glue and all these pens and pencils. She picks up the scissors and opens them up when she hears a knock on the door.  (G stands for Georgia, V stands for the visitor)

G -Not know im busy

V - Georgia I need to talk to you.

G - NO! I said go! I don't need you here. Ive gone through enough today I don't need anymore shit.

 V - If you actually listened to me you would know that im here to help you don't give you more shit so open the door right now otherwise ill knock it down.

G - ooooh you're such a badass aren't you? and if I don't let you in then what? you're going to go all abusive and threaten to murder me? cause if you will get your ass in here now and end it for me.

V - look 'm not going to do anything just open the bloody door so I can talk to you.

G - who the heck are you though?


G - STOP YELLING! okay come in.

You unlock the door and let Elisa in, She goes to give you a big hug when you both realise you're holding scissors. ( G=Georgia, E=Elisa)

E - and what were you going to do huh? cut? soz babes but that's not going to happen give me the scissors and sit on your bed while I inspect your room for anymore sharp objects or anything that you can harm yourself with. and after that ill be inspecting your body to make sure there's not even a single scratch on it.

G - I wasn't going to cut!!! I... uh...I... was going to...uhhh.... cut this piece of paper here! yea! cut that piece of paper...

E- Yeah, your history assessment task sheet? hun, that's due in 5 days I don't think you will cut that up. and theres no more visible paper or anything else to cut!!!

G - well im sorry but maybe I wanted to cut the un-important information out!

E - its all important you silly child! now, go and put your little gym shorts on and your crop top on. I'm not joking about inspecting your body! you're my bestfriend, your parents have gone away for the year and your brother is in Hong Kong. It's MY responsibility to make sure you're still perfect when they all come back! Also, you're stying at my house for a month until my parents come back from Beijing! SO let me inspect you then go and pack your stuff!


~ I hope this one is better than the other one!! There will be all sorts of Dramas in this but I promise the next chaptr and the rest off the book will become the full story! A fanfiction :) 1 comment or like for the next chapter!!~

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