Sometimes I Dream

Sometimes I dream of you and all you do. How much you mean to me.


12. A Whisper

I am your hope

Your future

Through teary eyes

You will see me


I stand by you

As a whisper comes to you

Only for a while

You will see brightness


In this whisper

You will find comfort

Your spirit will lift

As you close your eyes


You will drift off

To a far away place

Not known to anyone

But you and I


You will face yourself

When you look in the mirror

Your reflection you will see

A whisper


There will be a shadow of me

I will show faith in you

You will be strong

Never a sad soul


I catch a glimpse of you

Not knowing what to do

I whisper to you

I'm your guide


You feel relaxed and calm

As I lean on your arm

The smile on my face

I am your dream


You think you see a angel

But it is I

I am your angel

A whisper

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