Sometimes I Dream

Sometimes I dream of you and all you do. How much you mean to me.


1. Sometimes I Dream

I am safe from loneliness

From all my fears

Sometimes I dream

Your my way


I want your love

No more tears

Nothing more do i want

Your what I want and need


Hours spent with you

No loneliness

I want this feeling to last

So I can count the days


Sometimes I dream

It's just you and I

All alone in this world

I want your love complete


I see your face before me

When I close my eyes

Let me hold you

Kiss your lips


Sometimes I dream

I have cried so many tears

Until I met you

Full of loneliness


I won't part from you

Just carry you in my heart

I can't erase you

Sometimes I dream


Your lips so tender

As they kiss me long

The look on your face

Love so complete


I spent my time

Loving you

Your voice lingers on

Sometimes I dream



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