10 Days With the Devil (Harry Styles)

Maybe she was destined, then yet again, maybe she wasn't. Elizabeth Cambridge (A.K.A Libby) was born to die. She was planned to die as soon as she turned 18. Now, as her supposed death is cheated by the saviour of just a little girl, how was she supposed to know what was in store for her? Staying under the eye of the most arrogant, secretive, cocky, and rude man she has ever met. All for ten days. Just to be able to see her little brother be born. But what happens when Harry, starts getting feelings for Libby? And what will they do when the ten days are over and Libby has to die?


6. Chapter 6



  Somehow, I fought the urge to just jump up at that idiot and push him down the stairs, but then I remembered that he could kill me with like nothing but the touch of his fingertips so... Maybe not.

 "Really, dad? What a-surprise." I said through gritted teeth.

 "Doesn't the word 'pleasant' usually come first, Libs?" Harry smirked, brushing back his curls out of his face.

 "Doesn't fit in my vocabulary, sorry." my father cleared his throat, clearly feeling the tension set up a and he knew he had to do something.

 "Elizabeth... Would you mind showing Harry to the guest room, please?" my father questioned, hoping that I would just oblige and do what he asked, which is the end, I most probably would.

 "Yeah, lets go, Harry." I huffed, ripping off my sweater and throwing it on the couch, not waiting for Harry and just marching up the stairs.

 "Hey, slow down, Blue."

  "Don't call me that." I grimaced sucking in a deep breath.

 "Oh yeah, I'm not your little friend, Liam is it? Oh he's so magnificent, no?" Harry caught up to me just in time before I broke a vase. I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth.

  "Stop it. Right now."

 "Oh, how lovely. You're really giving me that bullshit after today? After giving you ten extra days to live, giving you a glimpse of something you want to happen in your mind, and making all the girls be jealous of you because you got to spend an entire fucking day with me." he growled, breathing straight into the back of my neck.

 "That's what that was about? You're an asshole! I thought you- nothing. Just, here." I opened the guest room door and allowed him to enter as I walked back into my room. "One day. It's been one day and I already hate him."


  Dinner time came around, not long afterward. My mother managed to come down and sit at the table, admire Harry for the young man he's become because, Harry with his little mind tricks, desieved her.

 "I just can't believe you'll be here when the baby's born." my mum patted down on her stomach. Harry smiled, almost indicating that he was actually glad to be here. What a liar.

 "May I be excused?" I said almost immediately after my dad started throwing a few jokes out there. He's such a typical dad with his trying-to-entertain personality.

 "Uh... Of course, is everything alright?" My dad asked, dropping his fork and taking a sip of his red wine. 

  "Yeah, everything's perfectly alright, I just have to pee." I sighed, running up the stairs and going into the bathroom, splashing cold water in my face. "I'm in a load of shit." I whispered to myself before receiving a knock on the door. 



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