10 Days With the Devil (Harry Styles)

Maybe she was destined, then yet again, maybe she wasn't. Elizabeth Cambridge (A.K.A Libby) was born to die. She was planned to die as soon as she turned 18. Now, as her supposed death is cheated by the saviour of just a little girl, how was she supposed to know what was in store for her? Staying under the eye of the most arrogant, secretive, cocky, and rude man she has ever met. All for ten days. Just to be able to see her little brother be born. But what happens when Harry, starts getting feelings for Libby? And what will they do when the ten days are over and Libby has to die?


4. Chapter 4



 I showed Harry around the school for the rest of the morning until it was time for lunch. I grabbed my tray of food and then met Liam out in the field behind the school. We always came out here for lunch and we always sat under the biggest tree. It's the one hour a day we could just talk.

 "Hey, Payne," I said as I reached the tree. Liam already sat but, his tray was on the side of him. He waved and smiled at me. I sat down next to him and sighed. "What's up?"

 "Nothing really. I just was embarrassed by everyone including the teachers all morning," he explained. I took a bite of my sandwich and looked straight in his eyes.

 "How?" I asked.

 "Well, after that Harry kid chose you to show him around instead of Holly, people assumed that I was jealous because your my 'girlfriend', everyone laughed in every class and it basically sucked. Holly even looked glum. I guess that part is because Harry was getting flirty with her and chose you," Liam explained. I laid my sandwich back down on my plate and hugged my legs.

 "He isn't that much of an amazing guy. He's pretty selfish I guess," I said playfully punching Liam's shoulder. We looked toward the school building. Everyone sat outside and one particular picket table was being crowded. Harry must've been seated there.

 "He sure is something. Maybe it's just in his looks," Liam suggested.

  "Or, maybe everyone he's just desperate and everyone sees it as effort," I added.

 "It's always a possibility," Liam said. We both picked up our trays and started eating our lunch. I could barely focus on chewing when I just thought about the fact that 10 days from now, I would be dead. "I just can't wait until we go off to college. It would be a fresh start for the both of us and people could be different,"

 "Yeah. Hearing that is like music to my ears." I said. Liam smiled brightly at me, he looked so lovely. I playfully punched his shoulder. "You're such a goof, you know?"

 "I had a feeling," Liam answered running his fingers through his brown hair. I chuckled and felt my phone vibrate. I pulled it out to see a text.


 From: Unknown Number

 Is that a friend of yours? I really hope that isn't another attachment. Be careful around him, he could be just another traitor from my side.

  XX. -H

 I turned off my phone in an instant. How did Harry get my number? It's like I have my own personal stalker.

 "I think that maybe he likes you, Blue," Liam said.

 "What? You can't be serious," I said with a faint laugh. Liam shrugged and put on a pained smile.

 "It's just the way he looked at you this morning. Call me crazy but, I have experienced that with someone before," Liam said brushing back his hair. I didn't press for anymore questions, he would've told me who the girl was if he'd wanted me to know.

 "Did you see the way he looked at Holly? That's a look that show's interest," I said patting away the crumbs on my jeans. Liam shrugged once more. He opened his mouth to say something when the bell rung.

 "Class already?" he questioned getting up.

 "Yeah, what do you have now?" I asked following him and rising to my feet.

 "Science, what about you?"

 "Ugh, I have math," I said making a disgusted face. Liam gave light chuckle and looked beyond the whole field to the school.

 "Lets get going," he said taking a step. We started walking back to the school. "Are you going to the dance next Friday?" by then I'd only have three days. Considering it's Friday today.

 "If you go, Li," I said elbowing Liam. He tilted his head to the side and made a face.

 "I guess so. I have a slight feeling that Mr. Styles is going to ask you," Liam said.

 "And what makes you say that?"

 "Well, obviously because he's looking at you from here," Liam replied, laughing. I looked up ahead to see Harry leaning against a table and smiling at me trying to be all seductive. I shook my head in disapproval causing Liam to laugh even more.

 "If you keep laughing like that, you'll get a stomach ache," I said walking ahead of him.

 "I don't care," he said clutching his stomach.

 "What's so funny about it, Payne?"

 "The fact that all the popular girls think they have a chance with him," Liam said. I gave him a demented stare before stepping onto school grounds. I walked over to Harry and sighed.

 "C'mon, I'll show you to math class," I said before turning to Liam. "Come over after school, Payne. We'll talk more then,"

 "Alright. See you later, Blue," Liam said before walking off in the direction of his class. Harry looked at me and snickered.

 "What?" I asked hitting his arm playfully.

 "You're little friend thinks I have a crush on you. It's funny," he said.

 "I thought you being a spawn of the devil would have no sense of humour," I said rolling my eyes. "Especially to something that is no joke,"

 "Well, I have many wonderful qualities. You just really don't know me to be the man I am." he said turning his back. "Shall we go to class?"

 "I guess so," I said. As Harry and I walked into the hallway, everyone was grabbing their books in a rush. But, when all of the girls spotted Harry, the turned around and tried to be all flirty and smiling at him so, try hard like. I swear, it made me want to burst out into the biggest pit of laughter. They knew nothing; how sad.

 "How good are you at acting?" Harry asked. I raised my eyebrow and placed my hand on my hip.

 "Why?" I questioned. He just smirked and snaked his arm around my shoulders. I'm going to admit, it was pretty comfortable and he was quite charming... I heard groans and growls from all of the girls. I was now blushing. It was just so-new to me. I'd only ever had a few boyfriends but, I left them because I didn't have a connection with them. And now my 'guard' was getting close. I was paying no attention when a person bumped into me, rushing on the way to class. I fell down straight on my ass. The hall erupted in laughter, I didn't know dying of embarrassment would happen by coincidence. I didn't want to look up and face everyone so I just stared down at my feet. Jesus, what much of a life did I have left?

 "That's enough everybody. Everyone falls, today it just happened to be Libby," a voice said. I looked up to see Harry trying to calm everyone, and surprisingly, it worked. He reached his hand down and sighed. I took it and he pulled me up to my feet. "She could use a few good days," Harry whispered as I let go of his hand.


 Hi! So, how do you like the story so far? I'm really into writing it so, I hope it turns out good and everyone does like it! Well, bye, muffins.



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