10 Days With the Devil (Harry Styles)

Maybe she was destined, then yet again, maybe she wasn't. Elizabeth Cambridge (A.K.A Libby) was born to die. She was planned to die as soon as she turned 18. Now, as her supposed death is cheated by the saviour of just a little girl, how was she supposed to know what was in store for her? Staying under the eye of the most arrogant, secretive, cocky, and rude man she has ever met. All for ten days. Just to be able to see her little brother be born. But what happens when Harry, starts getting feelings for Libby? And what will they do when the ten days are over and Libby has to die?


2. Chapter 2



  I was pulled back to the group of complete strangers by the blond, Irish guy. He put me on the ground, and everyone huddled around me. I brought me knees up to my chest and hugged them. Was I really going to die right now? Right here?

 "Alright. We've wasted enough time already, give me your hand," the curly haired one said.

 "No, Harry!" Lux yelled. "Not right now. She's pretty! And she's nice! Don't do this right now!" Lux said getting in front of me. The curly haired one, whom I'm guessing is Harry kneeled down in front of Lux and sighed.

  "You know the rules Lux. If any demon or devil gets a clue about how long she's stayed alive already, things won't end well for any of us," Harry said. "Her birthday was yesterday. It's time,"

 "Give me ten days," I choked out. Everybody looked at me strangely.

 "10 days is far too much," Harry said. "This is far too much time already," he said gesturing at me.

 "Please, just 10 days. I need to do things in that time, and after it's finished, you can kill me, I swear," I begged. The four boys exchanged glances then looked at me.

 "What do you need to accomplish in 10 days?" a different one asked. This one had a calmer voice then the rest. And black hair that was a tad bit brighter then mine. He had a sleeve tattoo going up his arm as well.

 "My mother she's sick and she's pregnant. She'll probably deliver in less then 10 days but, I want to be there to know she and my little baby brother will be alright. And after the ten days are over, you can kill me," I repeated.

 "Oh, perfect. If we let that happen, you'd have even more attachment to the world, how is that good for any of us?" Harry questioned.

 "Harry, she's going to die anyway. Might as well give her some time to see her family," the blond one said. Harry looked at me for a long moment.

 "Well, she does have a pretty face," another boy said, his voice seemed to be in the higher range but, it was still intimidating.

 "It doesn't matter if she's pretty, there are still rules, Louis," Harry said. Did he just call me 'pretty'? That's new. Harry stood up then sighed really heavily. "Fine. You have ten days, but that's it." he said before stopping. "You have my word," he turned to the boys and smiled. "Now, who's going to watch after Elizabeth to make sure she doesn't do anything reckless?"

 "You, mate. You're the one who has decided to let her have ten days, now you look after her," the boy who appeared to be Louis said before bursting into laughter. Harry looked at him coldly for a moment before turning to me.

 "Fine. Get to school, Libby," Harry said with a sly smile. He reached down and took my hand, bringing me onto my feet. I nodded then gulped down. "I'll be seeing you soon. Stay out of trouble,"

 "O-okay," I stuttered before making my way to the bridge. As I arrived I saw a very worried Liam.

 "Libby," he sighed out in relief. "I thought that something could've happened to you after the earthquake thing,"

 "No, I just, I just took the long way to the bridge. I cut through that grass and flower field just over there," I said gesturing behind me. "But, either way, lets go to school. I need it,"

 "Alright," Liam answered before we started walking.


 As soon as we got to school Liam stopped right in front of the doors. Maybe he was frightened? Him and I got more or less bullied at school so, that's mainly the reason we became friends in the first place. So we wouldn't have to feel alone. Too bad that he's going to have to face the rest of senior year alone, once I'm gone.

 "Hey, blue?" Liam called out.

 "Yes?" I answered.

 "Did you put that flower in your head when you were walking through the field?" he asked. I reached my hand out to my head and took the flower out. I forgot that Lux put that there.

 "Yeah, I-I...Um... I liked the contrast it gave against my hair, even though I look stupid with the flower," I said throwing the flower to the ground.

 "No, you didn't. The flower didn't look to bad," Liam said, staring into my eyes. For a moment we just stood there, staring, before we got interrupted.

 "Move it, homo!" a stupid jock yelled to Liam. Liam nodded quickly then moved himself closer to me. I was going to say something before the jock entered the school.

 "Well, lets get to class," Liam said, opening the door.

 "Yeah, lets go,"


 It was the middle of class when the teacher was explaining something, until a knock was at the door.

 "Mr. Jean, this here is Mr. Styles, he's new to our school," the principle said from the doorway. Mr. Jean (the teacher) smiled at the student.

 "Welcome, Mr. Styles, please come in," he said before, a curly haired boy walked through the door. Harry.


 Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! How are you people? I just wanted to say that I really love the positive comments you guys are giving towards the story! I really hope it's a hit! I'll be updating my sequel story tomorrow along with writing some imagines. But sometime during the near future, I might just mainly focus on this story because this is my first supernatural type of story I have posted online. Because sad to say, I'm finding it really hard to update my other story considering, I don't really know what I want to happen... I'll find a way...... You'll see... My laptop is all messed up and it won't reverse this bold effect right now so, please excuse that....


 Have a nice day my little muffins!


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