10 Days With the Devil (Harry Styles)

Maybe she was destined, then yet again, maybe she wasn't. Elizabeth Cambridge (A.K.A Libby) was born to die. She was planned to die as soon as she turned 18. Now, as her supposed death is cheated by the saviour of just a little girl, how was she supposed to know what was in store for her? Staying under the eye of the most arrogant, secretive, cocky, and rude man she has ever met. All for ten days. Just to be able to see her little brother be born. But what happens when Harry, starts getting feelings for Libby? And what will they do when the ten days are over and Libby has to die?


1. Chapter 1

  (A/N I got this idea off of a game. I mixed it up a bit but still, I'm giving credit, the name of the game is '10 Days With My Devil')


  I didn't exactly know where to begin. I woke up, and I served breakfast to my weak, and sick mother. She's always been anxious, so for her to be able to have had me in the first place was a miracle. But now she's bed ridden. and that isn't really good. Especially that now, she's nine moths pregnant and due in roughly, a week. I walked in to my room and tied up my long, black hair in a messy bun. I slipped on some jeans, a top, and a black hoodie. Followed by my high tops. I jogged down stairs to see my very anxious dad in his work suit.

 "You could just call your boss and stay here to take care of mom, you know? Make sure nothing happens," I said putting my hands on my hips. My father nodded his head then sighed in frustration.

 "I can't do that. We're low on money at the moment, and if I don't work before this baby is born, we won't have enough money to feed anyone," my father explained. It was sad seeing both him and my mother so-worried. It wasn't good for them. And I found them to be pretty young, 37ish. It was just plain sad. I grabbed my messenger bag and walked out of the house, leaving my father practically panting. I started walking towards the school until. Liam, my friend caught up to me.

 "Hey, blue," he teased. My eyes were a bright shade of blue and he always made fun of that. What a dweeb.

 "For the last time, Liam, you either call me 'Libby' or absolutely nothing," I said.

 "Alright, Libs, how's your mom?" Liam asked walking up ahead of me.

 "Well, she's stuck in bed, the doctors say that she should avoid leaving the bed as much as possible to avoid any fainting or anything else horrible," I answered. Liam patted my back sincerely.

 "I hope for nothing but the best," he said. How promising. I studied Liam for a moment. He did have a nice, charming smile. An amazing smile. Beautiful, welcoming eyes. And just a personality that soothed me. Honestly, Liam was beautiful. Of course I'd known for a while, but I sometimes to just really embrace it. Liam met my gaze for a moment, right before an annoying, ear piercing sound buzzed off. Liam took his phone out of his pocket then answered it. "What? She's there right now? But, I'm on my way to school. Fine, but I can only go for about five minutes. Alright, see you, mum,"

 "What was that about?" I asked scratching my forehead.

  "My aunt just arrived in town, literally about two minutes ago and she really wants to see me. And my mum says that she can't wait until after school," Liam explained. I nodded at him. "Well, I just have to say my hellos and that shouldn't take too long. So meet me by the bridge?" Liam asked. I nodded and shook his hand.

 "Deal. I'll meet you there, Payne," I said. Liam chuckled before walking off.

 "See you there, blue!" he yelled from across the street. I laughed then waved at him. He returned the favour, then I started walking.

 Once I reached the bridge, I sat on the edge, hanging my legs through the bars. I remember coming here in the days where my mother was calmer then usual. I remembered the way she told me that if I hung my legs like this, I would just fall down into the river and never come back. She was always so cautious, I chuckled just at the thought. I sniffled feeling the tears dwell k=in my eyes. Of course I knew that my mothers delivery wouldn't go perfectly, but it was still terrifying to see something happen to her. I got up and stared at the road. My back faced the river. Just before anything happened, I felt the ground shake. Was it an... Earthquake. The shaking got stronger, and everyone was ducking. It wasn't hard to break anything, or cause too much damage, but it could knock someone off of their feet. But this was strange. Earthquakes don't happen in the UK. I felt my body being knocked off into the direction of the river. This couldn't be happening. I turned myself around thinking that I could hold on better that way. I couldn't. The railing was slippery from the dampness of the rain, and I couldn't run considering my shoelace was tied around one of the thing bars. Just as I was about to give into the fall, I heard a little giggle.

 "Hey, lady! I'll help!" a little girl cheered. A golden haired girl reached down and un-knotted my shoelace. She grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the railing. She pulled me onto a grass field off of the bridge and sat me down as the mini earthquake stopped. "You could've fallen!" the little girl said.

 "W-what's your name?" I asked, stuttering. Clearly, I was still in shock of my near death experience.

 "It's Lux," she said handing me a white flower she picked from a flower patch. "And you're Elizabeth," she said.

 "And how do you know that?" I questioned taking the flower. Lux laughed then took the flower from me and put it in my hair.

 "Because, you were supposed to fall off that bridge five minutes ago," she said. I looked at her, puzzled.

 "I was supposed to?" I repeated. Lux sat in front of me and nodded.

 "But, I saved you!" she added.

 "Why would you have saved me? Was I supposed to die? How old are you?" I asked.

 "You ask a lot of questions! You were supposed to die because Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn planned it. And I'm six!" Lux answered.

 "Why did you save me, though?" I asked scratching the back of my neck.

 "Because I've never seen a girl like you before. I always say that girls who are different are the ones who should die last," Lux said. I nodded my head forward. Who on earth would have wanted me dead?

 "Lux! What the hell! Louis, I told you, we shouldn't have told her anything!" an angry voice yelled. Lux rolled her eyes and stood up, standing protectively in front of me. Four men approached us, looking angry.

 "You should be dead," a blond one said to me. He had a thick Irish accent. I felt a shiver of fear trail down my back.

 "W-why?" I asked.

 "Because, we're devils and we planned your death, but Lux over you, has helped you cheat it," one with curly hair said.

 "How is it cheated if it was murder you mentally ill bastard!" I yelled standing up and walking away.

 "It's cheated because your soul already belongs to us!" the curly haired one yelled, before I felt arms grip me tightly.

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