Falling in love with a Triplet (Harry Styles Fanfic)

My ex recently moved back, but he isn't just any ordinary ex he's the schools bad boy, and he's also a triplet his name is Edward Styles he has a full sleeve of tattoos, and is always causing trouble, and getting detention.

His brother Marcel is kind of the school nerd, nobody really likes him except the academic clubs, and he only has a few tattoos but he keeps them covered. and last but not least

Harry is the school heartthrob everybody wants to be with him, and everyone wants to be his friend, he's also the school quarterback

I'm on the cheerleading team, and also president of the drama club so i guess your wondering how does a girl like that end up with a guy like that well read my story and find out.


1. Welcome Home party

I had just found out that my ex and his brothers were moving back, and i was glad his brothers were moving back cause even though i had broken up with Edward, i was still best friends with his brothers.

When we got to there house, Harry and Marcel ran up to me and embraced me in a group hug.

Halfway through the party i went outside and sat on a swing in the backyard from our childhood playset.

I wasn't alone long before someone sat down on the swing beside me.

When i looked up i saw my ex, and i wasn't ready to see him because i knew he hated swings and anything kiddy.

"Hey...Edward....Welcome back"

"thanks so did you miss me"

"i missed Harry, and Marcel"

"what about me"

"Why would i miss you?"


"we dated for 2-1/2 years"

"yeah and then you cheated on me Edward, you expect me to just fall for you all over again"

"look i'm sorry, she didn't mean anything to me"

"yeah, and now you don't mean anything to me"

then i left their house and went back home, changed into pj's, crawled into bed and cried for what seemed like hours.

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