Falling in love with a Triplet (Harry Styles Fanfic)

My ex recently moved back, but he isn't just any ordinary ex he's the schools bad boy, and he's also a triplet his name is Edward Styles he has a full sleeve of tattoos, and is always causing trouble, and getting detention.

His brother Marcel is kind of the school nerd, nobody really likes him except the academic clubs, and he only has a few tattoos but he keeps them covered. and last but not least

Harry is the school heartthrob everybody wants to be with him, and everyone wants to be his friend, he's also the school quarterback

I'm on the cheerleading team, and also president of the drama club so i guess your wondering how does a girl like that end up with a guy like that well read my story and find out.


10. seeing someone new

The next morning i woke up at my house in Edward's arms and then i sat on my window seat until he woke up and then when he woke up he sat up and rubbed his eyes and then looked over at me and said "morning"

"morning" and then i came and sat beside him on the bed and then he kissed me 

"I love you Edward"

"I love you to"

and then i just sat there well he said goodbye to me and left and i kept thinking what if i'm not ready to get married yet or even to Edward i mean Edward is the only guy i've been with my whole life so wouldn't i be settling when i could be with someone better and he could be with people that act like he does and then my phone started ringing and i answered it


"hey Carrie it's Liam i was just wondering if you wanted to go out with me tomorrow"

"um....sure" "okay great i'll pick you up at 7 at night is that okay?"

"yeah thats great" "okay bye"

"bye Liam" and then i went for a walk and i saw Edward talking and flirting with his ex-girlfriend at the park and thats when i knew that Edward would always go running back to his ex and that i should start over with seeing someone new. 


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