Falling in love with a Triplet (Harry Styles Fanfic)

My ex recently moved back, but he isn't just any ordinary ex he's the schools bad boy, and he's also a triplet his name is Edward Styles he has a full sleeve of tattoos, and is always causing trouble, and getting detention.

His brother Marcel is kind of the school nerd, nobody really likes him except the academic clubs, and he only has a few tattoos but he keeps them covered. and last but not least

Harry is the school heartthrob everybody wants to be with him, and everyone wants to be his friend, he's also the school quarterback

I'm on the cheerleading team, and also president of the drama club so i guess your wondering how does a girl like that end up with a guy like that well read my story and find out.


5. Forgiving Edward

*the next morning*

Today was my date with Louis and even though at this point i wanted to back out but i couldn't because he'd be here in a few minutes, so i just decided to go get ready when i finished getting ready i heard a knock on the door and i answered it but it wasn't Louis it was Edward.

"What are you doing out of the hospital shouldn't you be there with your girlfriend right now"

"well they let me out early and i'm standing right in front of my girlfriend"

"no someone is going to be here soon to pick me up"

"what like for a date?"  "Yes for a date now leave Edward!!" then my phone started ringing and i answered it then a few seconds later i was off the phone.

then Edward said "who was that?" "that was the guy who i was supposed to go out with but he called me to cancel cause he got back with his ex-girlfriend"  "well i'm still here for you".

At that point i couldn't hold it in anymore and the tears just started to flow at that point and i said

"no your never here for me every time you say your hear for me you cheat on me or hurt me how do you think i felt when i saw your ex-girlfriend kiss you and when i found out you got into a fight over her and ended up in the hospital because of her if you ever want me back it's gonna take a whole lot more then words to win me back"

"okay i'll do anything" "don't bother" then i shut the door on him, and then i just went into my room and crawled back into bed and cried all day until i had finally cried myself to sleep at night.


*the next morning*

I went for a walk in the park and as i was walking i saw Edward and he came over to me and said "just come with me please you can leave after and never speak to me again just please come with me"  

"fine" then he took me to a restaurant that looked closed and he brought me inside

"Edward what is all this stuff" i said as i looked at a table in the center of the room lit by candles and around the table petals of roses surrounded it and a big teddy bear with a locket on it that said be mine in the seat next to the table.

as we walked up to the table Edward put the locket on me and said

"this is all for you i love you to the moon and back and even farther then that what im trying to say is your the love of my life and i'll do anything to get you back"

"why?" "because i love you so much your the reason i wake up in the morning with a smile on my face your my first thought when i wake up in the morning and my last thought before i go to bed your my world and i love that your turning me into a better person even though it's been taking some time but i will never stop loving you ever" then we kissed after the date he walked me home and when we got to my home i put the bear inside and went back outside to see him again and then he tucked a single strand of hair behind my ear and looked me in the eyes and then it started to rain but we didn't rush inside or anything we just stood there lost in each others eyes and then he kissed me again and i knew then and there that i had forgiven Edward and that i would never stop loving him either.

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