I Would...But I Can't

You don't Know who one direction really is behind the cameras..
Or do you.?
Tyler a wannabe Rapper/Singer falls in love with 1/5 of the one direction
But She's 4 years younger than him
.. Is Age Really Just A Number.?


1. Tyler's P.O.V

Tyler's p.o.v "OMG , Just Look at them!" I exclaimed looking up at the tv.";Wow, they do have something special , dont they.?"My friend Tricky Glanced at me. They did, they were 5 boys in the t.v and were just anounced that they were gonna be put in a band together. Their names were Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne And my favorite Zayn Malik. ";Im gonna met them " I anounced to Tricky, my eyes still stuck to the screen. "Whatever";Tricky mumbled. "You Just wait and see ".; I Trew her a pillow that bounced off ther head. I Was Gonna Met Them.
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