Inspired from a man preaching on the streets. It has my own intake but hey, why not?


1. Judgment

Small hammer sounds as the jury decides,
four walls enclose the exasperated cries.
Uniformed people sit down row in row,
judging the convicted of reason, no hope.

Sitting in school is a boy that's fifteen,
Dreaming of difference in other well-beings.
Each day his bullied by the pigment of his skin,
Whilst others don't see all the hurt that's within.

Entering work they smile and wave,
Before long after they'll be cussing your grave.
The boss promises opportunity and riches for all,
Whilst he rips off your families and ignores your parole.

The world runs off systems where laws are in place,
To give citizens a foul, lingering taste.
Everything is unfair since all of us is judged,
Whilst we judge the people around us,
We cannot stand them making a fuss.

All boundless and blind we tumble,
As does the endless seas,
The foundations and friendships all crumble,
As the lives that we once loved desist. 

No white wig, nor hammer shall make us,
Fall victim to petty and small,
For we are all judges no lesser,
And were all here to kick up a storm.

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