Our secret nightmare

When your parents have special abilities and you get them it could be an amazing thing. But when sometimes it can be a nightmare. My brother (Zayn Malik) and I ( Cassidy Conor) can see ghost. How can life get worse?


2. chp. 2

I ran to my room and pick up my blue  and white (ombre) hair. I put my amulet on.


My amulet:

They say each amulet protects you, But this one talks to me. my brother's amulet does it too. But his is more powerful since he got it before me. They say it's unique.

Zayn's Amulet:

That's his amulet. aka the most powerful amulet in the world. even tho our amulets have slight differences. They are very very unique and have different and unique.


simpily protect her.



Zayn ran into the room and was holding moms amulet.

"where's mom???" Zayn asked

"I-I dont know" 

He grabbed our winter coats and we went out.

"where could she be?"

"Zayn dont worry about it. its ok, we're going to find her"

he stoped walking and grabbed my arm.

"It's not ok. Dad died and all I have left is mom and you. Your dad is not my dad and he will never be my dad but mom is my mom and you're my sister and you guys are all that I have left."

he continued walking and I followed. i cant believe he really feels like this. But why?

we passed a dark alley and went back to check it out.

"let's go in"

"What! NO!"


"Its dark" I mumbled

"aww your still afraid of the dark that's adorable"

"shut up"

he laughed and grabbed my hand

"It's ok to be afraid butyou need to get over it, ok"


we started walking in the alley and I looked back to see the light one more time.all the sudden I we're far away inside the alley there's no more light. Until me and Zayn went chest to chest just to talk and all the sudden our amulet eyes started glowing. we looked at them and all the sudden my amulet was starting to attach to Zayns and the pink light from my amulet became blue like his. we both took a step back quickly and my amulet deattach and went back to normal. They were both still glowing and Zayn still hold my hand in case of anything. We were walking when all the sudden we see a body. we walked closer and when Zayn touch the womens body he started to cry when his tears toch the women she glowed blue and started floating. Then we saw her face.

It was.... mom.

"MUM!" Zayn cried he grabbed her hand and he got shocked."MUM PLEASE DONT GO!!!"

She started to fade away but then her eyes opened and looked at us.

"Zayn, Cassidy, be good. Stay strong and dont worry about me.I found out about the gift and only one of you can." she said almost al her body faded and then her last words "I love you both, good luck. I'll be watching you tw-" she faded away completly.

"MUM!" Zayn cried one last time. Then he spotted a ghost and his eyes were full of hate. His eyes turn white and he said something and a terrible sink hole (Leading to the bottom of the earth) was under the ghost and sucked it in. Zayn's eyes went back to normal and then he fell to the ground.


he moaned in pain and I put his head on my lap. He slowly opened his eyes and the were green, they slowly turned into brown.

"Cassidy, Lets go home"

I smiled and tried to hide my tears.

"Ok lets go"



"It's ok to cry dont hold it in."

I smiled one more time and let out my tears

"She's gone! MU IS GONE!"

"Dont worry" he said and chuckled.

"He slowly sat up. I stood up and help Zayn Stand up. Our necklace started glowing again and then we went home.

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