I Don't Fall In Love

It was May. I was home from my sophomore year of college and I was jobless and bored as hell. I was job surfing when I stumbled across a hair styling assistant job for One Direction when they were going on their tour in North America. What the fuck. Might as well apply.


29. You What?

Tess's POV

I groaned as I felt my phone vibrate under my pillow and Harry's arm. I reached for it and frowned even more when I saw that it was 7 in the morning but I turned that frown upside down when I realized it was from my best friend, Monique. It read: Hey Tessie! I know me and Morg are suppose to come to the concert tonight but we both got called into work:( I'm so sorry, maybe we can find time." I sighed and frowned more when I realized I wasn't going to have time so I texted her back saying that. I turned around slowly to face a sound asleep Harry. I smiled a little and moved a lock of his curls out of his face. I curled up into his chest and fell back asleep.


It was around 4pm and I was aimlessly wondering around the Oracle arena, an arena that I've seen plenty of shows while growing up. It was strange being so close to my hometown and not going back, I didn't really have anything to see besides my best friends. My family, as in my mom, dad, and little brother, moved to Texas to take care of my grandma. My mom really wanted to keep the house so I stayed back. I still talk to them everyday but I really miss them. Suddenly I feel something wrap around my waist causing me to jump and turn around.

"Did I scare you doll?" Harry asked with a little chuckle. 

"No,"I lied while wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Are you ok?" he asked while tilting his head.

"Yeah,"I mumbled while looking at the ground.

"Don't lie to me,babe,"he persisted while lifting my head up. 

"I'm just thinking about everyone I miss from home. It turns out Monique and Morgan can't make it tonight,"I confessed while playing with the collar of his shirt. 

"I'm sorry. I know how much you wanted to see them,"Harry sighed while kissed my forehead.

"It's fine, come one. Lets go get ready,"I suggest while talking his hand and leading him backstage. 


I was sitting in the green room talking to Lou and playing with Lux when Paul came in.

"Hey Tess, the guys are doing a meet and greet backstage and some girls want to meet you,"Paul explained. 

I was surprised but got up and followed Paul down the hallway and around the corner. When I rounded the corner I just saw the boys with goofy smiles but no girls. I suddenly saw 2 girls jump up behind them a tall blonde and a brunette, my best friends. 

"NO FUCKING WAY!" I screamed while running up to them and squeezing them in a hug. 

I pulled away so I could properly looked at the faces I haven't seen in 2 months. 

"Surprise!" Morgan smiled and giggled.

"Happy late birthday!" Monique added. 

"I can't believe you guys! Have you met everyone?" I asked and they just shook there heads. "Okay well this is Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry." 

The boys all gave them friendly hugs and Niall added a little kiss on the hand for Monique. It was around an hour before the boys had to get ready to go on stage so we all went to the green room. The boys all sat in their normal spots. Me and Harry on the big chair, Niall, Zayn, and Louis on the couch and Liam on sprawled on the love seat. Monique and Morgan stood trying to figure out where to sit. I saw Niall signal over to Monique and pat on his leg. She shyly walked over and sat sideways on his lap. Morgan strutted over to Liam and moved his legs and sat next to him. The conversation was going so well so far. 

"So how'd you like my birthday surprise for you?" Harry whispered in my ear while playing with my fingers. 

I turned my head to meet his green eyes. "You did this?" I asked while intertwining our fingers. 

"Yeah baby, just for you,"he smiled and kissed my nose. 

"God, I think I..."I stopped myself by shaking my head and looking down. 

"You what?" Harry asked curiously while searching my face.

"It's nothing,"I smiled,"come on boys. It's show time." 

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