I Don't Fall In Love

It was May. I was home from my sophomore year of college and I was jobless and bored as hell. I was job surfing when I stumbled across a hair styling assistant job for One Direction when they were going on their tour in North America. What the fuck. Might as well apply.


4. Walls

Tess's POV

Why did I say yes? Those damn eyes! Those stupid, gorgeous eyes! I hastily walked back to drop Lux off. The boys were going on soon so I made my way with Lou to the side/backish stage. I jumped up on of the huge boxes and sat with my legs crossed. The crowd was already going absolutely crazy. I saw the boys on their platforms that were about to enter the stage on. Those damn green eyes met mine with a wink. This made the butterflies explode in my stomach but I didn't let it show of course, I just responded with an eye roll. 

The show went very well. Those boys really know how to entertain a crowd. We all were dead tired when we arrived back at the hotel. They had one more show in Mexico before they were off to the USofA. 

I quickly changed into my pajamas and curled up into bed. I was about to drift off the sleep when I got a text. 

From: Unknown:

Hey doll;) So be ready at noon tomorrow so we can go on the best date of your life. 

I smirked at the boys cheekiness and quickly replied

To: Styles 

Whatever you say. 

That seem blunt enough. Like I would be ready for this date but I wasn't like too over excited because I didn't want to seem like that. Ugh. I don't even know why I'm over thinking this. It's just a little date with a cheeky boy who probably just wants me for one reason. 


My alarm jolted me up at 11am. I rubbed my eyes and still felt dead tired. I slowly walk to take a quick shower. I leave my hair down and simply run my fingers through it. It's a beautiful day outside so I decide to wear a mint,lace summer dress. The dress fit like a corset and then flowed to a little above my knees. I start on my make up and don't bother with foundation. I just apply my usual liquid eyeliner complete with wing. I just finishing slipping on my white sandals when I hear a knock at the door. I grab my purse and phone and go to answer it. 

"Hello,doll,"Harry smiles at me. 

He looks rather dashing. He's wearing black jeans and a white button up that's rolled up to his elbows and unbuttoned enough to show off his chest tattoo. 

"Hi,"I smile back while tilting my head,"so where are we going anyway."

"Well,"Harry begins as we walk to the elevator,"I thought we'd just walk around do all the touristy things in this beautiful city." 

We spent all day just looking at every little shop and booth there was. The city was filled with culture and color. Me and Harry talked about everything. I still can't let my guard down with him though and I think he notices. Every time he asks me a question that involved deep rooted emotions I change the subject or show him something from a shop. We get back to the room at 3 and we're both worn out. 

"You can come in if you want,"I tell Harry as I'm about to open the door. He smiles and nods, following me inside. 

I kick off my shoes and plop on the couch. Harry laughs at me a little and lifts my fit up, setting them on his lap. 

"I forgot to tell you but you look stunning,"Harry says shyly. It's cute when he's shy.

I blush,"thanks." 

"I have a question and I hope you don't take it the wrong way,"Harry begins to say while looking down ,"I think we get a long wonderfully but I feel as if you're holding back. Why?"

I just sigh,"I know. It has nothing to do with you,Harry. Things that have happened in my past have really built up these walls, higher than most peoples. When it comes to relationships, any, I take things really slow because of these a million foot tall walls. I wish they weren't there because they really push people away." 

Harry listens intently and nods,"I understand. Slow is good. You look so tired,Tess. Go take a nap. I'll text you when we're all getting ready to leave okay?"

I nod and stand up and walk him to the door. As I open it for him and he steps out he leans close to my ear.

"I'm not going, no matter how hard you push,"he whispers. This sends shivers down my spine. He then connects his soft lips to my cheek and walks away.

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