I Don't Fall In Love

It was May. I was home from my sophomore year of college and I was jobless and bored as hell. I was job surfing when I stumbled across a hair styling assistant job for One Direction when they were going on their tour in North America. What the fuck. Might as well apply.


15. Nervous

Harry said to meet in his room at exactly 11:23...weirdo. I changed into a pair of yoga pant shorts and a white vneck. I decided to fashionably late so I knocked at his door at 11:30. 

"You're late,"Harry stated as soon as he opened the door.

"And you're adorable,"I smiled back while kissing his cheek and walking past him.

I walked into his room as he followed behind me. I turned around and Harry was right in front of me. He smirked a little at my shocked reaction. 

"Please,"he said while motioning to the bed,"make yourself comfortable." 

I did as he asked and snuggled far under the blankets.

"Now look who's adorable,"Harry smiled as he joined me under the blankets. I smiled widely under the covers,making sure Harry didn't notice. He eyed my curiously.

"What?"I asked.

"Well come over there then,"Harry said while spreading out his arms,"I can't cuddle with myself."

I rolled my eyes and bit down on my lip. I made my way over to his side and rested my head on his chest. He placed of on his hands on the curve of my waist and reached for the remote with the other. 

"So!"Harry said while turing on the TV,"lets see what is onnn." Harry flipped through the channels and I saw that Princess and the Frog was on.

"This one,"I said quickly. I felt Harry look down at me so I lifted my head up and looked at him,"pretty please?"I asked while making the best puppy dog face. 

He just smiled,"well can't say no to a face like that." I smiled back at him and nuzzled into his chest. 

I happily watched the movie whispering almost every line under my breath. During the duration of the movie Harry's hand managed to slip under my shirt and now rested on my bare skin. His finger started trailing up and down my skin goose bumps. Come on Tess, concentrate. Don't let him see how nervous he really makes you. I tried my hardest to focus on the movie but I felt Harry's full hand to slid up and down my side. 

"Am I making you nervous,love,"I hear Harry's voice ask. 

I sit up and turn to face him while crossing my legs,"never,"I lied while poking his dimple. 

"How about now,"Harry said quietly while sitting up and moving close to me. 

Those irresistible green eyes were locked on mine as he brought his hand up gently caressing my cheek. I shook my head no,another lie. Harry raised his eyebrows and placed his hands on my thighs.He leaned in towards my neck and I began to bite my lip. I tired to hardest to control my breathing as his lips skimmed over my skin. 

"Now?"Harry asked. As his breath hit my skin my breathing hitched. I couldn't answer because it would just come out as a moan. I didn't even shake my head no. Harry pressed his lips against my skin, exactly on my weak spot. 

"Harry,"I finally let out in a sigh. I felt Harry smile into my neck as he sucked and but the same spot. I felt Harry's hands trail up my thighs to the hem of my shirt in attempts to pull it off. That's where I twisted my neck away from him and looked at him. His eyes were burning with desire but softened when he saw the hesitant expression on my face. 

"Too fast?"he asked while resting his hands back on my legs. I just nodded and he smiled and kissed my cheek. 

"We should get some sleep. We have to get up early to get on the bus and to Miami,"I suggest while moving back under the blankets. Harry followed my lead and pulled me close to him. 

"Harry?"I whispered while tracing over is butterfly tattoo.

"Yeah?" Harry asked.

"Thanks,"I whispered.

"For what,love?"he asked.

"For being so understanding,"I smiled a little at myself.

"For you,anything,"Harry whispered while taking my hand off his tattoo and into his. 


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