I Don't Fall In Love

It was May. I was home from my sophomore year of college and I was jobless and bored as hell. I was job surfing when I stumbled across a hair styling assistant job for One Direction when they were going on their tour in North America. What the fuck. Might as well apply.


32. God Damn

Tess's POV

It was the second day we were in LA and all the boys were going off for a day trip which they invited me on but I decided to stay back so I could take care of some business. I was laying on my stomach on mine and Harry's bed just scrolling through twitter while I heard the bathroom door close but I didn't look up right away until I saw Harry walk right in front of me. I looked up and saw my gorgeous boyfriend standing in front of the dresser with glistening back muscles with wet curls. God damn he was good looking. I sat up at the edge of the bed and crossed my legs to look at him properly. 

"If you keep staring baby your eyes might fall out,"Harry mumbled while pulling out his clothes. 

I smiled and stood up,"well maybe you should start strutting around looking like that I wouldn't be so tempted." 

He turned around to face me kiss me on the forehead,"I'll stop then." He winked and walked back into the bathroom.

"I didn't say I was complaining,"I yelled when he shut the door. 

I smiled and fell back on the bed. It only took minutes for Harry to be ready and looking just as hot. Before I could get up to say bye Harry fell onto of me. 

"Ow Harrry!" I yelled, out of breath, while trying to push him off me.

"Come with us!"Harry demanded while lifting his head up and propping himself up on his elbows that were on either side of my head. 

"I can't, I don't feel that well and would rather just rest,"I sighed to him while poking his nose.

"Fineeee," he groaned. 

"But have fun,"I smiled. 

"Never without you beautiful,"Harry insisted while leaving kisses all over my face and finally on my lips. He finally he got up and walked towards the door and left. 

Almost instantly after Harry left I heard a knock at my door. 

"Here,"Lou said as soon as I answered the door. She held out a plastic bag and I took it. "I have to go but take it and text me right after."

I slowly shut the door, confused, and opened the bag. 

"How the hell did she know?"I sighed and took out the....


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