I Don't Fall In Love

It was May. I was home from my sophomore year of college and I was jobless and bored as hell. I was job surfing when I stumbled across a hair styling assistant job for One Direction when they were going on their tour in North America. What the fuck. Might as well apply.


36. Familiar Eyes

Tess's POV

It was 5am and I only slept for like 2 hours. My mind was racing and I could barely fall asleep with having dreams about Harry. I rolled over on my side and stared at Peyton, sleeping soundly next to me. I moved her soft curls out of her face and smiled at myself. She slept like Harry slept, on her back with one of her arms behind her head. I tried to get my mind off Harry. Besides, he was probably furious at me for just leaving him and not telling him about his daughter. I wish he could meet her but that would just make this complicated. He probably already moved on anyways, she's probably stunning and has no complications attached to her. I closed me eyes and just thought about how much fun me and Peyton will have at the happiest place on earth.

3 hours later-

"Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" I heard my daughter yelling while bouncing on the bed. "Time to get up and see Mickey and the princesses!"

I laughed at her enthusiasm and rolled out of bed, "ok miss crazy pants."

We got dressed and ready for the day. Peyton was wearing her Princess Tiana dress I bought her specially for trip with matching tiara. I wore a pair of jean shorts with a Princess Tiana tank top and themed ears to match with. I pulled my half my hair in a hair tie, I had just gotten it done in long, box braids making it come down to my lower back, I was surprised Louis even recognized me with them. No, stop thinking about them.

"Ready to go princess?" I ask Peyton, kneeling down to her level and fixing her tiara.

"Ready!" she yelled.

Our hotel was right across the street from Disneyland so we just walked. She held tight to my hand  as we skipped closer and closer to the entrance. I think I was just as excited so she was, I loved Disneyland. Me and Peyton have watched Disney movies over and over again, basically everyday. Sometimes she would ask about 'her daddy' because some of the people in the movies. It was a shock at first but I finally began to tell her that he was a king in far away land. Peyton thought it was cool, but I knew as she grew up she wouldn't buy that story for much longer.

"Remember Pey, always stay close to Mommy ok, I don't want to loose you," I lectured to Peyton as we walked through the gates to the happiest place on Earth.

We stopped and asked a mom of a family of 4 to take our picture. I lifted Peyton up and placed her on my hip and we smiled big. I thanked the women and looked at the picture. Wow, she looked so much like Harry.

Niall's POV

The happiest place on earth with the most, best food on earth. Excited was an understatement. The boys and I were making out way into the entrance. We didn't want to have the fancy tour guide person and front of the line stuff, we just wanted to go like normal people, well minus the security of course. We were all browsing around one of the shops before we started going on the rides and stuff when I saw a little girl who looked around 3 and very lost. The rest of the guys were goofing around trying on different themed hats.

"Hey there princess," I said quietly to the little girl, kneeling and getting on her level. Her eyes were familiar but I couldn't figure out where I've seen them, they were starting to get filled with tears.

"I...can't...find my mommy," the little girl said in a soft voice while looking around.

"Ok, love, well I can help you," I smiled at her, standing up and looking around for any woman looking like they lost a kid. At this point the guys were all gathering around to see what I was doing. Then I woman came from out of nowhere and swooped the little girl up.

"Peyton, oh my god, I was so scared baby, I told you to stay by my side while I paid," she said while holding the little girl, Peyton, tightly.

"Oh my god," I heard Louis whisper. I turned to look at him and his face was filled with shock.

"Tess?" he asked.

Tess's POV

I was frozen with Peyton on my hip and her head in my neck. I looked up at them, my heart beating practically out of my chest. My eyes went met Harry's first, those green eyes that matched my...our daughter's. I couldn't find any arrangement of words to say to them. My shoes were stuck to the floor.

"Um...yeah hi," I stuttered out, avoiding all eye contact from the 5 pairs eyes that were glued to me.

No one was saying anything due the amount of shock but after a minute fans start gathering in herds and security came over to tell the boys they had to leave the store and started ushering them outside. It all happened so fast they didn't really have time to react between me saying my hi and them being rushed out of the shop. I watched them as they left. Before they went out the door my eyes met Harry's. His eyes looked filled with million questions.

"Who was that?" Peyton whispered.

I ignored her question and snapped back to reality. As if any of them would be happy to see them. I completely abandoned them and probably crushed Harry's heart in the process. And, to add to it all, I was hiding Peyton from him, his own blood, his little girl. I know I did it for selfish and rash reasons.

"Can we go find princess, mommy," Peyton asks snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Of course," I smiled at her. I pushed her curls behind her ear and stared into the face that was equally mine as it was her father's.

After hours and hours of exploring the happiest place on earth Peyton finally admitted defeat, to my relief. On the brief walk back to our hotel she fell asleep in my arms, which is what I hoped for.

Harry's POV

We were on our way out of Disneyland and I couldn't stop thinking about Tess the whole day, granted I've thought about her every single days since she left. She looked the same, minus her hair style. I had a million questions I've wanted to ask her since the day she left almost 4 years ago.

"Harry," I heard Louis say," look at this."

I looked at Louis' phone and on the screen was a tweet from a fan a picture of the back of what looks like Tess with a caption about the hotel she was spotted at, that one across from the park, and wondering where she's been on these years. I didn't even think, I just walked straight there and before I knew it I was in the lobby. She had to be on the top floor, Tess always talked about how she only liked rooms on the top floor. I didn't want to wait for the elevator so if found the stairs and sprinted up them. I practically busted the door open at looked down the hall when I saw her.

Tess's POV

I was fiddling with the door trying to get it open without waking up Peyton. I heard a door down the hall slam open and then shut. Peyton stirred in my arms a little but I hushed her back to sleep. I heard footsteps coming towards me, which didn't help with me trying to open this stupid door.

"Tess," I heard a very familiar voice.

I turned my head and saw him, that gorgeous face I haven't seen in four years right there.

"Hey.."I said softly.

"That's all you have to say?" Harry asked almost nicely.

"Can you come in?" I asked him.

He just nodded. I opend the door and quickly walked Peyton over to our bed and laid her down. I sat on the couch, where Harry already was.

"So what the hell?" Harry opened with.

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