Change Your Life

Olivia Jones is just a normal teenage girl from Murfreesboro, TN. She's about to start her junior year in high school when her father tells her that his job is moving them to London, England for two years! Olivia doesn't know what she will do without her best friends by her side in her last two hears of high school, or her "secondary education" as they in London. What will she do? How is she going to graduate in London? She then meets five cute boys from her favorite band.....One Direction. She wasn't one of those freak fans so she instantly becomes good friends with them. They were all to old for her, so she stayed friends. But then when she turns 18, things change.
*I made this fanfiction up in my head a while back, so I decided to put it in a movella! Hope ya like it! :)*


14. The Outburst...What The Heck?!?!

Olivia's POV

I sighed. I'm not sure what kind of a sigh though. It's not a sad sigh. Or a happy sigh. Ah! I know. It's a confused sigh.

I glanced over at my phone sitting on my bed. The phone that had Niall's name popping up on it about 5 minutes ago. And Harry's early. It finally sunk it that two of the most loved boys in the world are texting me. VOLUNTARILY.

I had only known the boys for a couple days and I was already confused. This type of thing only happens in movies. And books. And fanfiction. I CANNOT be in love with two boys after a couple days. Good grief.

I rolled my eyes and switched on tv to see Harry's dimples smiling back at me.

Harry's POV

"Yes! We do have a tour coming for our 4th album." Liam replied with a grin.

We were being interviewed by Alan Carr but I could just not get into it. I just had Olivia's beautiful, smiling face staring at me in my head. Her laugh, her lips, her eyes..... "Uh Harry?"

I twitched and looked up. "Sorry?" I said and everyone laughed. "Well Harry's got something taking his glance away! Is it me Harry? This is a new coat!" And Alan stood up and started to strut and make poses right in front of me.

The boys were dying laughing and I laughed to be polite. He was really making a fool of himself. He sat back down and cracked a couple jokes that I didn't even hear but laughed at anyway.

"HARRY. What is on your curly haired mind?!?!" Alan said leaning forward with a crazy look in his eye. The boys were all staring at me trying not to laugh. "Do I have something on my face?" I asked and everyone howled with laughter.

Alan Carr was doubled over and heaving, he was laughing so hard. "Harry! I what is wrong with you?! You look like you just walked in when your mum was changing!" I glared at him. Why would he bring up my mum?

Before I could stop myself I said, "Yes Alan, I do have something on my mind. In fact, it's a she. Not a something. Her name is Olivia, and she is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in my life and has a personality of an angel so quit acting like a dimbo and ask normal questions." Everyone's jaw had dropped. I then remembered the big neon LIVE sign in the corner. Whoops.

Niall's POV

What the heck. Harry Flipping Edward Cullen Styles. I'm gonna kill you.

Olivia's POV

My jaw dropped about 10 times bigger than the boys on my screen. Harry had just said I was beautiful...and....I just can't believe this. He had been acting weird the whole interview but I didn't think I was the reason why.

I watched as Harry's face flushed with embarrassment as he threw around apologies and slouched in his seat on the couch wedged between Liam and Zayn.

I then noticed through all the jokes and chaos being made, Niall's face. He had the most fake smiles and laughs that I have ever seen in my life and I could see him look at with hate in his eyes that was just weird. What was that all about? What was all of this about?

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