Change Your Life

Olivia Jones is just a normal teenage girl from Murfreesboro, TN. She's about to start her junior year in high school when her father tells her that his job is moving them to London, England for two years! Olivia doesn't know what she will do without her best friends by her side in her last two hears of high school, or her "secondary education" as they in London. What will she do? How is she going to graduate in London? She then meets five cute boys from her favorite band.....One Direction. She wasn't one of those freak fans so she instantly becomes good friends with them. They were all to old for her, so she stayed friends. But then when she turns 18, things change.
*I made this fanfiction up in my head a while back, so I decided to put it in a movella! Hope ya like it! :)*


4. It's Time



It was moving day. Today was the day, I was just going to hop on a plane for 12 hours and then I would be living in London, England for two years. How could this be happening? It all been a blur. School ending, the packing, the quick London currency lessons, the research on London history to catch up a little for school, Lilly coming, and more. I feel like no time had passed at all over the past week and half. 


I was walking into the airport with my parents, Katy, Lilly, and my sister who had come yesterday to visit and say goodbye to us from Florida. I had my backpack with my phone, earphones, magazines, snacks, my 1D blanket, and more essentials for the long ride there. We had some kind of special airplane that held more stuff since we had some extra suitcases since we were moving. I hadn't really listened when my parents had explained it to me. 


Katy, Lilly, and I had talked the whole way to the airport, but we were now silent. We all kinda realized that this was it. The was the last minutes we would spend together for the next two hours. It was incredibly depressing. I felt like I was at a funeral. Every bad thought or scenario was playing through my head.


After we had dropped off our luggage and gotten our tickets, I said goodbye to my sister. Cece looked me in the eye. "Have fun in London, Livi. I promise you that you will love it. Don't worry. You will come back in two years. It will fly by. I'm quite jealous of you, being able to hang around all those cute British boys." And she winked. I smiled. "Yeah, but I have to graduate in London. GRADUATE. As in from high school, in London. How am I going to be able to do that?" "You will be fine. I promise." She pulled me into a tight, but sweet hug and kissed my head. She had always been more than sister. More like a second mother, but not the annoying kind of motherly sister. She never treated me like a little sister, she treated me equally, but still looked after me. 


We both had tears in our eyes as she pulled away, but I hugged her longer crying into her shoulder. "I'm going to miss you so much." I cried. "Hey, it won't be that much different than it is now. I live in Florida anyway." "'s just different. I'll be in another country. Not state." We talked a little longer until I moved onto my friends. 


We just looked at each other and then at the same time, we all burst into tears and hugged. I had tears streaming down my face, but I didn't care. I wasn't wearing much makeup. "What am I going to do without you guys." I cried. "Well I was used to being in school with you. I can't graduate without you." Katy cried. "Well, I needed to be able to call you when I was having" Lilly cried. When Lilly was on her 'monthly' as we called it, she always called me because I always made her laugh. 


"Well, we can kik and skipe!" I said, but we all cried more. "Okay," I said wiping my eyes, as we pulled apart. "We need to actually say goodbye instead of just crying." And we all kind of laughed. Katy nodded. "Olivia, I'm going to miss you so much. I don't know how I'm going to get through my last two years of high school without you. Your'e my best friend and have been by my side ever since I can remember. Don't ever lose contact. You have my skype and kik. Don't lose that very important information!" I laughed as how serious she said that and had more tears forming in my eyes from all the sweet things she told me. "God, Katy. Don't make me cry again." And I hugged her again, but neither of us let tears fall. 


As we pulled away, Lilly took a deep breath. "Okay, here it goes. Olivia. I moved to Knoxville a couple years ago and we never lost contact. I know that even though it's thousands of miles away in London, we won't lose contact this time either. I will be here waiting for you when you get back. You are my best friend. No, you're my sister. Make sure I don't get replaced by any cool British girls." I giggled. "No problem." I said but my stomache twisted. That was something else I was worried about. Would I make any friends? Would everyone think I was weird since I was from America? I smiled at them through the pain I was feeling. 


"But we have one more thing." Katy said and smiled at Lilly. "Well, we made something for you to take with you." Lilly said. I brightened. They were both so creative, I couldn't wait to see what it was. "What is it?" I said eagerly. They smiled and Lilly pulled out a big book from her purse. "We actually made a couple things. This is the first thing. It's a scrapbook of pics of us since we met. And there is one page left and the back for the day you get back." she explained. I smiled through new tears threatening. "This is amazing." I whispered and went to open the book when Katy slapped my hand. "No! That's for the ride there! Your'e gonna get really bored, so save it for then." I smiled and nodded. 


"Okay, present number two." Lilly said and Katy pulled out a big book out of her purse. "This scrapbook is for you. You can put all your pics from your two years in London in this for us all to look at envy you when you get back." I laughed. "How did you guys manage to get all of this done in a week and half?" "Oh just wait, there's a bit more." Lilly said and I sighed. "Come on guys! You didn't have to do all of this for me." And they just looked at each other and rolled their eyes. "This girl." Katy said and pointed to me and I laughed. 


"Ok, Lilly and I both are giving you three of our favorite One Direction posters from our rooms, for your new room. And we got you this One Direction teddy bear for you to cuddle on the plane." And they handed over 6 folded posters and a teddy bear that had 1D logos all over it. "Awww thanks guys. You are to sweet!" "And if you happen to meet them, just get them to sign those." Katy said and winked. "Yeah! No problem!" I said and smiled. 


We all hugged, talked, and cried a little more until we heard the annoucement that my flight was boarding. "Well, this is it." I said. "No, this is us." Katy said and we all laughed at her little One Direction pun. "Oh my, I'm going to miss you guys." I said and they said they would miss me too. I picked up my backpack with my new books in it and my teddy bear and started to walk away with my parents. I looked back once and saw them crying. I waved and did a hand heart at them, Taylor Swift style and they did it back. 


As I walked into the plane and sat in my seat by the window, next to my mom, I started to realize that I wouldn't see those girls for two years. I curled up in my One Direction blanket, turned my phone on airplane mode, plugged in my earphones, and pulled out the scrapbook they made me and waited for the 12 hours between my new life and past life be over. 



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