Change Your Life

Olivia Jones is just a normal teenage girl from Murfreesboro, TN. She's about to start her junior year in high school when her father tells her that his job is moving them to London, England for two years! Olivia doesn't know what she will do without her best friends by her side in her last two hears of high school, or her "secondary education" as they in London. What will she do? How is she going to graduate in London? She then meets five cute boys from her favorite band.....One Direction. She wasn't one of those freak fans so she instantly becomes good friends with them. They were all to old for her, so she stayed friends. But then when she turns 18, things change.
*I made this fanfiction up in my head a while back, so I decided to put it in a movella! Hope ya like it! :)*


8. Hey Guys!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hey Guys!


So sorry, that I haven't written any new chapters in while. It's my first year of high school and it's a lot harder than I thought it would be! :( I have tons and tons of homework and tests and stuff so I never really have time to write anymore. Right now I'm about to start my algebra, history, and biology homework. Bleh. Haha! Thanks for being patient!


Rachel xoxo

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