Change Your Life

Olivia Jones is just a normal teenage girl from Murfreesboro, TN. She's about to start her junior year in high school when her father tells her that his job is moving them to London, England for two years! Olivia doesn't know what she will do without her best friends by her side in her last two hears of high school, or her "secondary education" as they in London. What will she do? How is she going to graduate in London? She then meets five cute boys from her favorite band.....One Direction. She wasn't one of those freak fans so she instantly becomes good friends with them. They were all to old for her, so she stayed friends. But then when she turns 18, things change.
*I made this fanfiction up in my head a while back, so I decided to put it in a movella! Hope ya like it! :)*


15. FaceTime

Harry's POV


What the heck have I just done? Niall shot daggers at me for the last five minutes of the interview, even though I wasn't exactly sure why. Did he like Olivia? Nah. Probably just PO'd that I made the interview a little awkward now. 


After my outburst about Olivia, they sound crew added some funny sound bits and it all turned into a joke. Which I guess was a good thing. 


All eyes were on me even when I wasn't being spoken too. I could already imagine all the hate Olivia would get. She was already getting hate tweets because of those pictures that came out of her and Niall. That didn't mean anything, right?


Niall's POV


As we all walked to the limo after the interview, I didn't speak one word to Harry. I couldn't. I know I was being a twit, but it was to hard. What.Is.Wrong.With.ME


I'm ignoring one of my best friends/brothers because he said he liked a girl we had met only a couple days ago. A couple days ago. That sentence seemed to echo in my mind.


Olivia's POV


I sat on my bed even after the interview had ended and some commercials were on, still dumbfounded. Harry...he said I was beautiful...I was on his mind. My phone buzzed next to me and I was timid to pick it up, but I did. It was no other Harry.


H: hey did you see the interview


Me: yeah :)


I waited for about five minutes, rocking back and forth. 


H: this may seem weird, but what are your um feelings to what i said


I breathed slowly and typed...


Me: what do you think? 


Was that a stupid thing to say? I just don't want what he said to have been a coverup for something else that is going on in his life and me looking like a doofus saying that I actually might like him.


H: i'm not sure. hoping its positive :)


Me: well than...i was surprised. but in a good way. 


H: okay. hey can we talk say at like midnight, late tonight or something on the phone? we are staying in a hotel so I won't be close tonight. 


I almost typed yes but than I remembered that I said I would FaceTime Niall at midnight. 


Me: well I said I would FT Ni at that time. tomorrow?


H: well, we are going to do some promo in dublin tomorrow so probably not. :( 


Me: well than what do you want to do?


H: were coming home Friday, so the day after tomorrow. lunch at my place? 11:30 AM?


Me: sounds great. :) see ya then


H: i will. i miss you


I froze, and than slumped on my bed and silently screamed into my comforter. This boy is gonna kill me. 


A couple hours later my phone lit up with Niall's face. His FaceTime. I had completely forgotten. How could I forget after everything that happened tonight?


I shifted back, grabbed a pillow, and sat my phone against it and pressed accept. Niall's smiling face came onto the screen. He waved. "Hello Livi!!!!" he said into the phone. Livi? That's new.


I smiled and waved as well. "Hi Ni! How's my favorite" He laughed and said "I'm good! I'm good! How's my favorite American...girl...person...thing?" I giggled and replied, "I'm better than you! Wanna know why?" I grabbed the plate of with my three pieces of six meat pizza and smiled. 


His jaw dropped. "WHY would you have frickin pizza without me? It's just wrong!" I smiled and laughed. "Me!" He smirked and said, "When you eventually meet Mikey, don't you ever do that!"


My heart kinda flip flopped. "Mikey? As in Michael from 5 Seconds of Summer???" He smiled and nodded. "Holy crap I would love to meet him!" 


"You will! In fact you'll meet all of them soon! They are finishing up their tour in Australia right now and they'll be coming up to the UK next week." I smiled and bounced on my bed. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" He laughed and then a smile was wiped from his face.


"Hey Livi, I have to talk to you about something." Here it comes. "Yeah, okay." I said looking into his eyes. He swallowed and said, "What did you think about what Harry said tonight on Alan Carr?" My heart started to beat ten times faster.


"Well...we haven't talked that much about it yet-" he interrupted me. "What do YOU think about it?"


"Um, I'm not sure exactly. I haven't had enough time to process it. I mean I guess I could be happy but I've only known you guys for a couple days." His face dropped when I said happy. "Happy? Really?" he said with his big puppy dog eyes. 


"Possibly. I'm not sure," I stammered. This was hard. "I haven't really thought of feelings about him like that yet and I really don't want to talk about this anymore." I didn't expect that last part to come out in such a mean tone. His eyes widened and then became small again and he muttered, "Okay." 


So we talked for about an hour about random things. Our family, friends, soccer for him, hockey for me. We talked about food, movies, our countries, music, favorite Friends episodes. 


At around 1:15 I faked a yawn and said, "Well I have to get to bed. I'm tired! Have fun in Dublin tomorrow." He looked at me curiously. "How did you know we are going to Dublin tomorrow?" Oh gosh. It would break him more if he knew Harry told me. "Oh I heard something about it online." I said. 


"Okay," he said, but I could tell he didn't believe me. "Well goodnight princess! Have a good sleep!" he said. I smiled, said goodnight, and disconnected. My life is becoming a fanfiction.

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