Change Your Life

Olivia Jones is just a normal teenage girl from Murfreesboro, TN. She's about to start her junior year in high school when her father tells her that his job is moving them to London, England for two years! Olivia doesn't know what she will do without her best friends by her side in her last two hears of high school, or her "secondary education" as they in London. What will she do? How is she going to graduate in London? She then meets five cute boys from her favorite band.....One Direction. She wasn't one of those freak fans so she instantly becomes good friends with them. They were all to old for her, so she stayed friends. But then when she turns 18, things change.
*I made this fanfiction up in my head a while back, so I decided to put it in a movella! Hope ya like it! :)*


13. Confusing...

Olivia's POV


After I had explained everything to Lilly and Katy, they were so excited and surprised that they said we had to go on FaceTime instead. I laughed when their faces popped up on my laptop screen. Their eyes were wide and they looked like they had been screaming.


"OMIGOD OLVIA I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU KNOW ONE DIRECTION NOW!!!" Katy exclaimed as soon as we connected. I laughed feeling a stab of home sickness. "Amen girl! And what else , are you DATING NIALL AND HARRY??" My face turned bright red.



"No no! I'm by dating them! Why would I date two people at the same time?" They both gasped. "So you're dating one of them?" Katy said almost whispering. "Nooooo! I'm not dating any of them. We are just friends." I said, knowing my face looked like it was about to explode.


Katy and Lilly both just smiled. "Oh little naive Olivia." Lilly sighed. "Oh poor pretty little naive Olivia." Katy said in the same tone as Lilly. I rolled my eyes.


"Good grief guys! What's your problem?" I said laughing. Once again they just smiled. "Oh nothing." They both said at the exact time. Which made us all laugh. "Oh good grief," I said. "Well, if you guys aren't done sighing and saying how naive I am, I guess I won't tell you a secret." Their eyes widened. "TELL US!!" They both shouted. Their poor parents.


I laughed. "Ok, so Harry told me that he could probably get both of you tickets to fly over here and come meet them and we could all hang out!" Their jaws dropped. Then they both started squealing. "YEA!!!! OMIGOD IM GONNA MEET ONE DIRECTION!!!!" They screamed. Then they stopped. "Oh yeah, and see you too." Lilly said and Iaughed. I can't way to see those two.


We all talked for about another 45 minutes before my laptop started to die. After I logged off, I switched on the TV in my room and started flipping channels. Weird how many British shows there were, but also how many American shows as well.


About 5 minutes after that, I got a text. It was from Niall.


Niall: Saw our pics all over twitter. comments r horrible so sorry :(


I smiled and typed back:


Me: it's ok. just need to confirm that im not dating either of u! lol


My phone buzzed after about 5 minutes:


Niall: Right. :)


Then quickly buzzed not 5 seconds after.


Niall: r u doing anything today?


My heart kind of stopped. What do I tell him? It could mean nothing. But it could also be him asking me out. AHHHH. What is going on? Do I have feelings for him? Or Harry? Omigosh this is all happening to fast. Think Olivia think....then I realized how busy Harry had said they were today so he couldn't be asking me out. I quickly text back:


Me: nope :) u?


Almost immediately came his reply:


Niall: well yeah....but I was wondering if you could do an facetime or something at like midnight?


Me: sure!


Niall: sorry it's so late, we just about have ten million things to do today


Me: I understand! harry told me this morning about all the interviews and photo shoots you have today



Niall's POV


Of course. HARRY told her. She probably said she wasn't doing anything because she knew I had stuff to do today. Perfect. Just perfect.


Me: gotcha! maybe later when we talk we can see when we can do something! just you and me


I had to add that last part so she didn't get the idea that I meant Harry as well.


Olivia: cool! I am excited though cuz harry told me that he could probably get 2 plane tix for my 2 best friends to fly over here and we can all hang!


Me: that would be awesome! well I have to go talk to Alan Carr. see ya ltr!


Olivia: u 2!


I shoved my phone into my pocket. Now all of her attention will be on her friends. Then I stopped. What is wrong with me? I've only known the girl for a couple days. Then I saw Paul running up to me.


"Come on Niall! Show starts in 5 minutes! Hurry your butt up!" He then ran to go stop Louis from destroying the place with the food fight he was having with Zayn. I sighed and hopped on stage and put on my biggest smile.



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