Out of Love

Life is full of twists and turns, but it's all in how you navigate them that determines your strength. Sheyanna had always considered herself a calm, innocent kind of girl, but when a wild night from the past suddenly alters her future; her outlook on life is turned upside down. A bump in the road causes paths to meet again, and a new journey to be taken. But what difficulties will she have to endure along the way?


4. The Whoopsie

"This'll do," Blake says as we find our way into the bedroom. It's dimly lit with a bedside lamp, cascading shadows on our faces. He grins and dips his mouth to mine, planting a wet kiss on my lips.

I gently tug at his shirt, pulling it up a little. He grins against my mouth and aides me in taking it off, the tight gray tshirt pooling beneath us on the floor. It's so hot and he's already glistening with sweat.

He slips a hand up my side and cups my breast, toying with my bra. His finger slips into the cup, teasing me and making me whimper a little. He grins and snakes his hand to my bra clasps, flinging them undone.

"Your turn," he smiles, popping the button on my jeans undone. A skilled finger pulls my zipper down slowly, taking care to graze my skin. The friction from his touch is just too much and I squirm, pleading. He grins salaciously and tugs them down my hips. But my shoes are still on, complicating the process. We stagger over to the bed and I fall back onto it.

He pulls my jeans off slowly, taking care to kiss my stomach just below my navel. I can't contain it any longer when he ventures down further, causing my hips to buck up. He grins and finishes his job, throwing the jeans behind him. My boots make a soft thunk as they land hastily behind him. 

He's moving up the bed now, his chest and heavenly six-pack glistening. I try to calm my breathing but I'm panting, wanting, the alcohol still bouncing my brain around. He's above me now, his jeans still tight on his figure. I furrow my brow in confused disapproval and he laughs, watching my expression.

        "You have too much clothes on," I say softly, moving my fingers to his zipper. I fumble with it a few seconds before it unzips, deliciously slow. He grins and kisses me, shrugging them off.

Tight black boxers briefs cling to his figure and gosh, he's just perfect. He kisses up my belly and lifts my shirt ever-so-lightly over my head, supporting my head with his hand. He continues his kisses up, between my breasts, and pauses at my necklace. Gently, he takes the dangly stars between his teeth and tugs at them. A finger traces the tip of my panty line before jerking them down, exposing me completely. But I kick them off, giving him absolutely full access. He tugs at the necklace one last time before sinking slowly into me, dropping it against my skin. I gasp at the new feeling and he begins his work, moving slowly in and out of me. And I surrender, fully, completely, to this beautiful boy.

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