Out of Love

Life is full of twists and turns, but it's all in how you navigate them that determines your strength. Sheyanna had always considered herself a calm, innocent kind of girl, but when a wild night from the past suddenly alters her future; her outlook on life is turned upside down. A bump in the road causes paths to meet again, and a new journey to be taken. But what difficulties will she have to endure along the way?


3. The Party of August 2012

 "So is this like a dress up kinda party?" I ask as we pull into my driveway. He puts the car in park and kills the ignition.

        "Nah, just some friends." He says, running a hand through his hair. Gosh, he needs to quit doing that, it's getting me anxious.

        "Alright. I'll try to be quick," I smile before getting out of the car. I walk up the steps quickly, taking time to swing my hips. It must have worked, because he was watching intently when I glanced back at him before opening my door. I giggle on the way up to my room.

Flicking on my light, I start rummaging through my closet, looking for anything sexy yet non-trashy. I settle for a deep blue v-neck and faded holy jeans, throwing my Justins on as well.

I venture into the bathroom to check out the make up I had already put on for work. It was surprisingly still in place, freeing me more time. I put on some shimmery lip gloss and tousled my curls all to one side. Sexy yet subtle; exactly what I was going for.

I pop my silver hoop earrings in and snap my dangly star necklace on; the stars dancing down my cleavage. I smile with satisfaction, he's gunna love that. Locking the door, I head back to the car. 

A soft glow illuminates his face as I near, the interior light on while he does something on his phone. My boots make a soft scuff noise that grabs his attention and he looks up, his mouth falling slightly open. I must have cleaned up good.

        "You look..." he studders, his phone lying limply in his hand. The other grips the steering wheel.

He struggles to regain his wording and I giggle, trying to help him out. "Thank you," I smile flirtaciousy, leaning in a little and allowing my hair to fall over my shoulder. I can smell my Pink Ice perfume, gosh I hope he can too. I'm trying too damn hard to be sexy.

He slowly closes his mouth and cuts the interior light off. The car purrs to life and I smile in the darkness.


Pony by Ginuwine booms through the speakers as Blake leads me by the hand through the crowded basement. Smoke curls around my nose, making me want to sneeze. But I hold it in; Gotta be cool, Sheyanna.

We make it into the back of the large room to a small group of blonde girls who are circled around one guy. He's got pale skin and light hair that peaks beneath his snapback. He's sipping something fruity through a straw when he spots us coming towards him and shoos the blondies away. He throws his arms around Blake.

        "Blaaaaake! My mayne!" He says, obviously a littly tipsy. He shakes his hand sloppily. "Glad you made it bud."

Blake chuckles and nods. "Glad to be here Jamis. Looks like you've got the party bangin',"

        "Hell yeah," Jamis drunk-giggles, and then his eyes fall on me. He peaks around Blake, then slips his Ray Banz off his hat and onto his eyes. "Who we got here, Blake?"

Blake steps to the side and turns to me. "Jamis, this is Sheyanna. Sheyanna, Jamis."

I grin and wave a small hello. Jamis grins and throw his hand up. 

        "Aye! Nice to meet ya," he slips his glasses down his nose, peering over them with light blue eyes. "You single?" He asks, wiggling an eye brow as his eyes scope out my boobs. I laugh and Blake clears his throat.

        "Want a drink?" He offers me a glass off the table. It's a shot glass filled to the tip with hot pink, bubbly liquid.

I eye it conspicuously before nodding and accepting the drink, sniffing it. It's strong, that's for sure. I decide to be fearless and let the glass dance on my lower lip. With both guys attention, I fling the shot in my mouth, letting it fly down my throat. My nose didn't lie; it was really strong, bubbling and burning down my body. I feel my mind fuzz a little as I try to regain my equilibrium. Both boys stare at me in disbelief.

        "You just did a shot of the hardest stuff I got," Jamis stares at me, mouth agape. Blake mimicks his reaction.

I giggle and set the glass down, wiping my lips. "It was really good."

They just keep staring at me as I help myself to a saphire blue glass in the middle of the table. I sip this one so it desn't shock them any more than what they already are.

        "She's perfect, Blake." Jamis says, shaking his head. He bro-fives Blake. "Props, brah. Goodluck man," he laughs and heads back into the basement crowd that's starting a beer funnel. Blake chuckles.

        "Sorry, he's already pretty shit-faced." He says, hand in his pocket and his other curled around a red solo cup. He takes a sip and watches me over the rim of the cup.

        "Oh, it's fine. He seems like a good time," I say, watching Jamis chug at the funnel. He finishes and the crowd cheers his name.

        "Yeah, that's my best friend." He watches the crowd too. He glances over at me as the bass booms out of the speakers to a new song. "Wanna dance?"

I grin and finish my shot, offering my hand. He takes it and leads me into the middle.

The song is slow and club-like, obviously a grinding song. He turns me around and leans into me; his chest rock hard behind me. I grab his hands and let the lay at the base of my torso. And I begin my work, twisting and grinding my body into his. His hands push me harder into him.

        "Like the music?" He says, his raspy voice tickling my ear. I raise my hand and push him down to my level.

        "My favorite kind," I say a little breathlessly. He grins and allows his hands to sink lower, holding my hips to his front.

My mind bounces and bumps to the bass; the alcohol fuzzing my world. I stagger a little as I turn, my hand falling on his chest.

        "Where you going, beautiful?" he asks, the alcohol making him a little more bold too. I giggle and say "no where."

He grins and his hands slip lower to my behind. He leans in and kisses me, gently squeezing my butt as he continues. I taste the Fireball whiskey on his lips. He places a wet kiss on the corner of my mouth, another on my jawline. I feel myself surrender to him as a fellow partier bumps into us. I look up at him and gesture towards the corner of the basement. We make our way through the hot crowd towards the wall and I turn, pushing his back against it. I let my hands wrap around his neck, securing myself.

He smiles against my lips and hooks his fingers through my beltloops, tugging at my jeans. They slip a little over my hips. His tongue evades my mouth for a while, ending with his teeth grazing my bottom lip. He sucks and then releases it, leaving it swelled under his touch. He lets his mouth go lower, trailing kisses down my neck. I'm okay until he gets right at the base of my neck; I'm unable to stifle a moan.

        "Let's move this elsewhere," he finishes, grinning a seductive smile. And I go willingly; both of us stumbling into the nearest bedroom.

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