Out of Love

Life is full of twists and turns, but it's all in how you navigate them that determines your strength. Sheyanna had always considered herself a calm, innocent kind of girl, but when a wild night from the past suddenly alters her future; her outlook on life is turned upside down. A bump in the road causes paths to meet again, and a new journey to be taken. But what difficulties will she have to endure along the way?


5. The Lesson

~~I wake with a start, my head and heart thumping in sync. I'm slightly cold, but the blanket that clings to me isn't one of comfort. It feels distant.

My eyes scan my surroundings, taking in the dimly lit lamp, the sun beaming through the window, and my clothes and boots scattered throughout the room. I cock my head to the side, studying the clothes and register that they are, indeed, mine, and that I am, indeed, ass naked. The only thing I'm wearing is my dangly star necklace, and it lies mockingly between my breasts.

I grunt, falling back into a foreign pillow. And then it all hits me: the store, the cigarettes, Wendy's, his car, him. Was it even good? I can't remember, I must have been too shitfaced.

What the hell, Sheyanna?! My subconscious snaps at me. She's mad, really mad, as am I, because the guy I must have drunkenly got it on with is no where to be seen. The Dumbass Award officially goes to me.

With much protest, I crawl out of the strange bed and scurry around, picking up my clothes and try to sort out my confused feelings. Recollections of the night before flick too blurry through my mind, and I struggle to make sense of it all. He seemed like a nice guy, but I had obviously been drunkenly humped and dumped. The thought of this jabbed at my pride, causing me to throw my clothes angrily.

I don't hear anyone else in the house, but I sneak out the downstairs entrance just in case. I don't want anyone knowing of my drunken escapade that, all too obviously, was a mistake.

With an obnoxious "clank," the door closes behind me, allowing the all-too-bright sun to beat down on me. My eyes squint at the new, unwanted brightness.

I glance around outside, trying to figure out where exactly I am. It's a small, relatively nice suburb on the outskirts of Glade, and I know Food Country is about two miles away. I left my truck there...no, wait. I left it at Wendy's. Shit. I glance longingly to the opposite direction out of the suburb. Make that three miles of walking. I rip off my V-neck and start walking; tanktop, messed up jeans tucked in my boots, and a hard lesson learned.

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