Out of Love

Life is full of twists and turns, but it's all in how you navigate them that determines your strength. Sheyanna had always considered herself a calm, innocent kind of girl, but when a wild night from the past suddenly alters her future; her outlook on life is turned upside down. A bump in the road causes paths to meet again, and a new journey to be taken. But what difficulties will she have to endure along the way?


2. The Flashback

It's Saturday night and ten minutes until we close. I'm playing with a rubber band and talking to my manager as the automatic doors slide open. I sigh in annoyance; people know we close at ten.

I throw my rubber band down on my register and try to hide my pissed off expression. I don't have to try too hard though, because what just walked through the doors had to be heaven on the eyes. He is tall and beautifully tan, with a t shirt deliciously tight around his body. I close my mouth and try to swallow, but he has made my mouth dry.

  "I'm sorry, I know you guys are closing, I just need some cigs," he smiles, and I'm pretty sure the angels sing. I manage a smile and shakily reach for the tobacco case key on register two. He leans against the counter and faces me. My fingers fumble with the lock, making me even more nervous. My eyes flick up and meet his; warm brown eyes boring into my hazel ones. I quickly look down at my fiddling fingers and he smirks at my shyness.

  "What kind do you need?" I finally get the lock open and slide the glass doors apart.

  "L&Ms," his voice is deep. "Shorts, please."

My hands rise to meet the cigarettes and pause; there are three different colors.

  "These?" I hold up the red pack. He shakes his head, making his way over to me. He's close, so close; I can feel the heat of his body at my back.

  "Nah," he lightly puts a hand at the small of my back and reaches for the blue pack. I forget to breathe. "These right here, sweetie."

I nod and look up at his towering figure. He smiles a sideways grin and hands me the pack, making my lungs scream for air. I somehow find my footing to my register and ring up his cigarettes.

  "$4.95," I say a little more boldly now. He grabs his wallet out of his back pocket and swiftly pulls out a ten dollar bill.

  "Keep the change," he winks, and I can't help but giggle. I slip the change into our Relay for Life donation jar and grin back up at him.

  "Thank you," I breathe, and his mouth twitches into that sideways grin. He returns his wallet to his pocket and leans on my counter. 

  "It's no problem hunny," he says, and I'm lost in his eyes. Tammy, my manager, yells from the office.

  "Everyone out, Sheyanna?"

I snap back to reality and stutter, "Yeah, Tammy."

He smiles at me and runs a hand through his buzz cut brown hair. "I'll get outta here so y'all can close. But hey, I'm Blake," he extends a tan, strong out to me. It takes a second to process he wants to shake my hand, and I nervously take his, almost knocking over the donation jar. He chuckles and I turn 3 shades of red.

  "Sheyanna," I manage, my cheeks burning with color. His eyes go from our hands to my eyes and he's smiling, a glorious smile. He nods and we let go.

  "Beautiful name," he says before grabbing his cigs. "Well hey, I'll see you around, Sheyanna."

I'm stunned at how smooth my name rolls off his tongue, sounding so sweet, so right. I nod and try to smile a confident smile.

  "Bye, Blake."

He grins and walks out, and I watch him dramatically as he turns the corner to the automatic doors. But I never hear them slide open, and then I see that cute face, peaking around the corner at me.

  "I think the door is broken," he says sheepishly, and I scramble for a 'wet floor' sign. Tammy must have locked the door while I was lost in La La Blake Land.

  "Oh it's just locked," I say while flicking the lock up and sitting the sign down. I pull the doors apart and step aside to let him out.

  "Guess that's what I get for coming so late, huh?" he smiles, the street lights illuminating his face.

I shake my head. "You come anytime you want. We stay open for anybody." I smile, and this time I look into his eyes. "It was a pleasure meeting you."

  "The pleasure is all mine, believe me." He smirks and throws his hand up. "Have a good night."

I can't hide the ridiculous smile I have on my face, or the fact that he had to be the most gorgeous guy I had laid eyes on. I can't keep my eyes from watching his blue-green mustang pull out of the parking lot. I slide the doors closed again and try to calm my fluttering heart.

  "You and those boys," Tammy laughs from behind me. I jump at this sudden interruption of my thoughts.

  "Just another customer, Tammy" I smile quickly and return to my register to grab my bag. Tammy flicks the lights off and we head out, locking the place up.

My stomach grumbles as I settle into my little black s10. I fumble in my wallet and find a five dollar bill. Wendy's it is. Turning up my Bon Jovi CD, I peel out of the parking lot and make my way through my little hometown. I pull in the burger place at 10:25, nothing but a bacon cheeseburger in mind.

I pick a corner booth by the window and begin eating, my eyes flicking up just in time to see a familiar blue green mustang in the drive thru. I can see his grin from here.

He whips his car into the space beside mine and I watch in disbelief as he makes his way inside, towards my booth. I try to swallow what food I have in my mouth without choking and grab a swig of my coke. His eyes are on me as he walks closer, that grey t shirt hugging every curve of his muscles.

  "Hey again," he smiles, his hands in his pockets.

  "Hi," I say shyly, trying to hold eye contact with him. But I don't succeed, because my eyes insist on wandering over his god-like body. He catches me checking him out and laughs, sitting down across from me.

  "What's a pretty girl like you doing here alone? Surely you don't mind if I join you."

I raise an eyebrow at him and decide to play coy. "I don't mind, but my boyfriend probably would." I look up a him innocently. His expression goes from sure of himself to slightly panicked, and I can't keep my eyes from dancing with amusement.

  "Kidding!" I laugh, and he laughs nervously too. He relaxes into his chair again. I twirl my straw around in my drink. "Any particular reason you're here?" I smile, watching him for a response.

  "Oh, you know. Late night munchies," he says casually.

I laugh and nod, knowing there had to be more of a reason. He shifts in his chair and I know he's about to ask something.

  "Do you have any plans tonight?"

I smile and look into his eyes.

  "That depends, if the cute guy sitting across from me makes some."

He grins and nods towards his car.

  "Ready when you are."

I stand and dump my tray, grabbing his hand.

  "Let's go!"

His eyes widen at my bold move, but I don't care. I just want to get lost with this guy.

  "Party at one of my friend's house. You down with that?" He asks while opening the car door for me. I hop in and look up at him.

  "Anywhere's good, as long as it's with you."

His eyes light up and he smiles, a grin that leaves me kinda breathless even though I'm trying to be cool. He walks around the mustang and hops in too, that grin still dancing on his lips. He slings the gearshift into reverse and we back out, peeling out of the small burger joint.

I look around in the car but there's no evidence of any Wendy's food. I glance over at him, one hand placed lazily on the wheel, the other changing gears. I still can't believe this is happening.

  "Did you already eat?" I ask.

He shifts to 3rd gear, making the muscle car roar with power. "Nah, I really just came to see you."

He never takes his eyes off the road, and I'm beyond glad; I have the dumbest grin on my face now.

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