Just One Hug, Please *Harry Styles*

Scarlotte Wetell is a new to the homeless world, all she wants is comfort, she doesn't want money, food, anything. She just wants comfort. She opens her arms for someone to just give her her first hug. She does it everyday, waiting for someone who wants comfort, just like her. After a couple of days, she is about to give up and collapse until someone tackles her and cries into her neck. They both cry and cry. The future awaits her.


7. The Ugly One



I gagged as something was pushed into my mouth, "What's happening?" I grumbled as I felt around my surroundings as I was blindfolded.


"Hey, don't touch!" Harry squealed as I think I touched his trousers, I quickly retreated as someone was shoving something down my throat.


"AGH, STOP." I coughed, the soft substance taken out of my mouth.


"Take the blindfold off, please?" I pleaded as something kept poking my lips. 


"Fine." someone sighed, the brightness triggered my brain to cover my eyes, so I did. "It's too bright." I groaned while tilting my head back.


"Alright, you can uncover your eyes now." a finger tapped my hand so I removed my hands. 


"Much better....So, what were you guys doing to me?" I question as I played with Harry's fingers. "Trying to feed you as you were asleep." Niall shrugged as he threw a chip into his mouth.


"That's dangerous, I could've choked then died." I complained, dropping Harry's hand. 


"Whatever, but you gotta eat." Liam said as he sat down beside me, throwing an arm around my shoulder.


"Yup, maybe when it's dinner." I raised my eyebrows.


"Oh, the ugly one's here." a feminine voice was heard at the door, then an unattractive snicker was heard.


Everyone turned their heads, Harry, Sarah and another girl was at the door.


"What a pleasant surprise." I whispered quietly. 


"So, mind if you could introduce this girl, Sarah?" Zayn asked, crossing his arms. "Yeah, her name's Trisha." she said, crossing her arms while chewing her gum obnoxiously.


She waved while twirling a piece of hair, "May I leave?" I question, turning my body towards Louis.


"Can I come with?" "Yeah, me two!" "Me three!" "Me four!" four of the boys raised their hands, "Alright, bye Harry, Sarah and Tristan!" I say, standing up with the boys.


"IT'S TRISHA!" she shouted at us as all five of us ran out of the flat.


"Where shall we go?!" Louis questioned loudly.


We all shrugged and wandered the streets, trying to not be noticed.





I opened the door and something disgusting was happening, "AGH, SHIT! LOCK THE DOOR. AAAGH, DISGUSTING." Louis and I squealed, shielding everyone's eyes including ours, "CLOSE THE DOOR!" Louis shouted at me, "UAGH, NO!" I complained loudly.


"ARGH, JESUS, LORD, OH MY GOD. CLOSE THE FUCKING DOOR!"  I screamed loudly, "Guys? I don't think something that bad is there." Liam said while talking our hands off of his face, he was about to look inside the flat until he screamed.


"OH MY GOD, SOMEONE CLOSE THE DOOR!" he screamed, panicking and hiding behind everyone.


I collapsed to my knees and barfed all over the 'welcome' mat, my beanie slipping off in the process.


Someone took my beanie off and held my hair as I continued to barf, then I heard more sounds that were the same as mine.




The scene was Trisha sitting on Harry's lap grinding on him while Sarah was just kissing him.


It shouldn't look that ba-OH GOD. *Barfs everywhere in the studio*




I was crying by now, "Ugh, oh, why? Why? Uhehuehue." Louis cried as I barfed on top of his knee. "NO ONE FUCKING CLOSED THE DOOR YET." I shouted while gagging.


"EW HER G-STRING!" Niall screamed, "AGH-" Louis and I barfed on each other's foot.


I think I passed out but I don't know, because the next thing I saw was darkness...





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