Just One Hug, Please *Harry Styles*

Scarlotte Wetell is a new to the homeless world, all she wants is comfort, she doesn't want money, food, anything. She just wants comfort. She opens her arms for someone to just give her her first hug. She does it everyday, waiting for someone who wants comfort, just like her. After a couple of days, she is about to give up and collapse until someone tackles her and cries into her neck. They both cry and cry. The future awaits her.


1. Start Of A Homeless Life

A/N Hello! I had this amazing idea for this story. I was like, 'OH MY JESUS. THAT IS AN AMAZING IDEA!' so here I am! Making the story! It would be sooo amazing if some movie directors saw everyone's kind of story, and made a movie out of it! I would be like, 'OH MY FAHCK. MOVELLAS, JESUS SHIT.' then I'd freak out some more. So, if you're reading this, thank you for using your time on this! Thank uh-you. xoxo stay strong and beautiful! <3




Scarlotte's POV


My friend kicked me out of her flat because she thought that I kissed her boyfriend. Bitch.


I adjusted my wrinkled blue short sleeved shirt, my black skinny jeans and my cute llama hat.


I huffed in frustration and went to the corner of the road and got a sharpie and cardboard from the ground that was unused and wrote on it.


'Just one hug will help me. Thank you.' it said. My breath was shaky, I put the board down to my feet.


I faced the ground, my hair shielding my red eyes and pale face.


I opened my arms up willingly, waiting for someone to just walk into them and comfort me.


My shoulders started to shake, my lips parting, making a little whimper noise.


"No, I don't want money, take it back." I whisper to the man who just threw a twenty pound note to me. He looked at me unsure, hesitating to take the note back. "Take it." I whispered again, he nodded and put it back in his pocket.


"Just one hug, just one hug, just one hug." I repeated over and over again.


"Just one hug." I cried. The tears flowed freely down my face like a waterfall. My breath hitched in my throat in a few times.


It's weird by how one action can affect me so much. I don't know. I guess she didn't trust me enough. No one ever trusted me ever.


No one ever gave me a hug. So I'm wanting my first hug with someone who can comfort me.


I felt little raindrops fall onto my arms, shoulders and head. Everyone started to scramble and panic. I just stood there, watching something from a far.


Soon, it was raining heavily. My breathing increased by how cold it was, it was starting to get harder to breath because it was a bit humid in my world.


"Where's my inhaler..." I mumbled as I checked my pockets.


I found it in my back pocket and quickly shoved the mouth piece passed my lips.


I pressed the button and inhaled sharply.


I put my inhaler away and sat down, it quickly turned dark so I curled up in a ball close to a pole.




I woke up as a loud honk sounded around in my ears, making me jump.


I groaned as I stood up stiffly. I took a sharp intake on breath as I felt a sharp pain jolt through my leg. "Oh fuck." I mumbled as I shifted my weight on my left leg.


"New day, new opportunity to get a hug." I told myself, I opened up my arms and waited hopelessly for someone to just run up to me and give me a hug full of meaning.


"Just one hug." I whimpered as it started to hail, fucking winter and it's weather. "Just one hug, please." I plead, looking at an unknown face, desperate for comfort.


"I don't want food, I don't want money, I don't want anything! I just want a hug!" I shouted at the people who were giving me what I did not want.


I knew I was shaking when I heard my bracelets and teeth clattering.


"Ow." I rubbed my head when a large piece of hail hit my not so warm head.


I held my sign close to my chest, sighing as no one would bother to even look at me.


"Just one hug, please." I whispered to myself. My family never hugged me, never have my friends done that, I've never had a boyfriend, I never had that serious kind of hug before.


Just side hugs, short hugs, pat on the back hugs. I never considered those hugs, they never had meaning.




"Getting one hug would be the greatest memory of my life." I sighed.


I'll just sleep the day off, it's already freezing and it's about 5PM already.


I curled into a ball, my head between my knees, my hands under my knees and my bum just sitting down.


"Sleep the day off." I told myself as the hail kept pouring. I know it isn't the best place to sleep, but my friend sorta took my money and clothes away and burned them.


"This is the starts of a homeless life." I told myself, I sighed deeply before drifting off to sleep, lulled by the honking of horns and the hissing of people.





A/N Hi, I'll update another chapter after this! I really liked this idea of a story and we'll see how it goes! Thanks for reading, please favorite, like or something I don't even know. Thanks for taking your time on reading this! <3 xoxo stay strong and beautiful!




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