Just One Hug, Please *Harry Styles*

Scarlotte Wetell is a new to the homeless world, all she wants is comfort, she doesn't want money, food, anything. She just wants comfort. She opens her arms for someone to just give her her first hug. She does it everyday, waiting for someone who wants comfort, just like her. After a couple of days, she is about to give up and collapse until someone tackles her and cries into her neck. They both cry and cry. The future awaits her.


5. Job

A/N Hi! I updated because you guys are lovely as usual! c: love you! xoxo stay strong and beautiful! <3




Scarlotte's POV


I shivered as I pulled my new hat onto my head.


My holiday is over and I need to go to my job, I work at a music store, a lot of signings are there but I'm only there to give the celebrities food and drinks while I organize the CDs. But you can say I had a pretty large holiday.


Standing up, I spit the mouthwash out of my mouth and slowly walk towards my job.


"Good morning, Scar." Rylie greeted as I walked through the doors. "Hey, Rye." I grumble as I hang my hat next to his coat.


"Organize some of the CDs and then clean up a bit, we have a signing with this huge band." he exclaimed as he wiped the counter and cleaned the glass case of Elvis Presley's signature guitar.


I scuffled around as I took the CDs from the floor and went to the CD stand where they were placed alphabetically.


My eyelids lowered as I looked down to scan the the CD cases, I placed One Direction right behind On Every Street.


"Barricade the doors." I sing songed as I saw the five boys walk in and sit down at the long table. "I SAID BARRICADE THE DOORS YOU IDIOTS." as they didn't listen.


"Fine." Louis mumbled, I threw him the white planks and a hammer with some nails.


I held the planks onto the wooden door and let Louis hit the nails so that the planks were stuck to the door.


"There you go." a placed a small smile on my face and let my hands fall down to my sides. I raised my head up and hugged Louis.


"What? Scar, never knew you worked here!" Louis screamed and twirled me around and jumped for joy making me feel uncomfortable.


"Uh yeah, I just had a really big holiday break." I mumbled as I pushed him away from me.


"Hey, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn." I snapped my fingers and waved my arm so that the gesture meant to walk in front of me.


They walked in front of me and waited for me to talk. "I need you guys to sit there, don't do anything stupid, be nice to the employees if they are rude to you, If someone is harassing you or whatever, call my name, I'll be there right in a jiffy! Just tell me what you want me to do and yeah, I'll do it." I shrugged and gave them a small smile.


They gave me a small smile back and walked back to the long table.


"Pass me the hammer, Lou. And be careful by how you throw it!" I warned him, he threw it by the large part of the hammer.


I took the nails out of the planks, the planks dropped on the floor, I kicked them away to the side and held the door handles.


"Rylie! Boys! Brace for impact!" I laugh in a joking way as a bunch of fans has been banging on the door quite harshly.


"No, I'm fucking serious right now." I held a straight face as the boys' faces dropped, Rylie and them held the table tightly. "Everyone who is outside! I would like you to make a single file line or else you are not going to get your CD autographed! Alright?" I shout through the door.


"Paul, stay with us." Niall pleaded for the large man to stay. 


"Fine, but I'm not going to help you guys, you lads have to protect yourselves like real men." his loud voice boomed through the building.


"ONE. TWO. THREE!" I shouted, I opened the door which made the bright sunlight prance inside the store, screams and shouts were heard as everyone lined up in a single filed line.


I smiled while going to another glass case where it had John Lennon's glasses. I wiped the finger prints that were placed on the glass and made sure that there were no more marks on the certain case.


"SCARLOTTE!" Liam screamed, I walked towards Liam as I wiped a CD case, "What do you need?" I question while placing the CD on a separate table.


"Tell her what you want." Liam nudges my arm, the little girl looked up at me and gave me a huge grin.


"Hi, Scarlotte! I have heard about you and I would like you to sign my CD!" she says sweetly while handing me a sharpie and her CD.


I signed my name on it neatly and gave her a small beanie for free.


"Take it! It's for free since you were so kind." I gush while pushing it further down so it wouldn't be loose.


"Thank you very much." her father thanked me and walked away.


(Liam is at the end of the table)


"That's what you wanted me for?" I asked him with annoyance, "I have a job to do and Rylie is a serious guy!" I complained when he gave me a shy smile.


"Whatever, I'll do whatever I was doing before." I murmur as I walk away and walk towards a set of rolled up posters, magazines, shirts and books.


"Hey Rylie." I say as he appears beside me, "Is it okay if I give people one free item if they're nice to me? Since you know that people don't like me that much." I say as I look up to him.


This is the first time I've actually seen Rylie's face and let me be honest with you.




"Yeah, sure!" he gives me a eye squinting smile and pats my head before walking away to the counter.


I grin as I walked towards the long table and raise my eyebrows. "I felt a disturbance in the forest." I joked as I heard my name a couple of times.


"SEXUAL HARASSMENT! SEXUAL HARASSMENT!" Harry and Niall screamed in shock and fright.


"Okay, who the fuck is touching the boys' lower regions or something?" I cussed as some parents covered their child's ears. "What are you going to do about it anyways? You don't seem intimidating with that Llama hat." three girls crossed their arms and raised an eyebrow up.


I pinched the bridge of my nose and took a deep breath. "It's-it's a bit stuffy in 'ere." I rub my neck as Harry takes my inhaler from his pocket, "There you are." he gives me a little wink after handing it over.


I roll my eyes as I place the mouth piece into my mouth and press the button, triggering me to take deep breaths.


"So, sexual harassment, aye? You can get a restraining order if I bring you three to court." that made everyone silent and the three girls trying not to laugh.


"RYLIE I'M GOING TO SMOKE! Cover your child's nose and mouth, parents." I claim.


I hung a cigarette low on my lip as I light it up. "What's so funny? Huh? You guys are like 15 or something." a growl was performed in the back of my throat.


"What's funny is how stupid you sound." they giggled, I laughed and shook my head.


"Uhh...I think you three should leave now." Zayn warned as my eyes turned to a dark color, "Why?" they pouted, "She's quite the dangerous type." Harry answered with a tone that meant that they should've known by now.


I clapped my hands together making a few people flinch. "Alright, you three, out, I'm not going to waste my time." I say with a big sigh, I pushed the three young girls out and held my small nerf gun at them, pointing at their heads.


They scurried away as quick as possible.


"YOU MAY NOW CONTINUE!" I say as I squish my cigarette down and pour mouth wash into my mouth.


I swished it a couple of times before spitting the liquid out.


I jumped over the counter where Rylie was reading a Fall Out Boy book. "These fans are crazy sometimes..." Rylie gave me a sympathetic smile as I rubbed my face.


"SCARLOTTE! SOMEONE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU!" Harry sang in a high pitched voice, like Spongebob's.


I frown while I jumped over the counter again before walking back to the table.


"Yes?" I ask in a sweet voice, "Hi! I-I really like you, yo-you seem very cool...an-and I just want-wanted you to sign thi-this...and take-take a pic...picture with me." she stuttered, she handed me her CD and her camera.


I stole Harry's sharpie and signed my name on her CD and her camera.


"Selfie!" I laugh while I take a picture with her, when I looked at the photo we had the biggest smiles on our faces.


"Now you may move onto Liam!" I gave her a smile as I handed Harry his sharpie back.


"Hey, Carly?" I ponder, "How'd you kno-ow my name?" she looked at me with surprise, "It's written on your CD?" I laugh while I walk to the stand where the posters, shirts, magazines and books were.


She blushed and took the CD from Liam after he signed her CD.


"Carly, come here!" I gesture her towards me and she obeys.


"What do you want from this stand?" I question while taking some rolled up posters and shirts.


"Can I have a Panic! At The Disco poster?" her eyes brightened as she found the poster she wanted, "Of course! I'll give you a Matthew Koma shirt since you were so kind!" i offer, taking a shirt and handing the poster and shirt over to her.


"Oh my gosh, tha-thank you so mu...much!" she cried as she hugged me.


I froze, I froze completely. 


"Thank yo-you! But I have to go-go now. By-bye!" she waved at me before running off with much difficulty.


I gave a stiff wave and rubbed the spots where she hugged me.


That wasn't a hug with meaning.


She didn't let me express my feelings.













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