1D's slave

Megan was sold to 5 boys by her evil step mother and step sisters. Her life is like a Cinderella story except she doesn't talk too animals and she won't live happily ever after with her prince charming. Or will she? What will happen when those 5 boots all fall in love with her. Then again, these aren't just ordinary boys they are popstars in a world famous boyband- One Direction.

1. Sold!


My name is Megan Madison Marckley and I am 19 years old. My parents are divorced and my dad is remarried to the WORST WOMAN EVER!!!!!! She is EVIL!!! I have two UGLY STUPID FACE STEP- SISTER!!!!!! I'm like Cinderella buy I don't have a prince charming that I'll live happily ever after with. "Megan!!" My step mom called me. "Ya?" I asked as I walked down the stairs. "Congrats!!" One of my ugly step- sister yelled while she was throwing confetti at me and chewing gum. "Huh? What's going in?" I asked. "Someone bought you!!" My other stepsister yelled in my ear while chewing gum. "What? You sold me?" I asked. "Yep" the first stepsister said while playing with her gum with her stick on nails. It was gross. "Five boys bought you!!" My 'mom' said. "What? How could you sell me? Why? Where the fuck are they?" I yelled. My step mom slapped me. "Don't curse! And they are right here" she said as the door bell rang. She opened the door and five hot boys walked in. My step sisters started squealing and jumping up and down. "We are such big fans!!" They both said. "Oh are these the girls? I thought us was only one girl?" The curly haired one asked. "Oh these are my daughters they aren't for sale. This slut over here is the one you bought" my step mom answered while pointing to me. "Great. Now if any one asks you anything say we weren't here" the Blondie said. My step mom nodded and shoved me into curly haired guy and he wrapped his arms around me. "Enjoy the slut!! No returns!!! Bye bitch" my mom said. This day is maybe the WORST DAY EVER!! we went into a limousine. "So... Anyways what's your name?" Curly asked me. "What's it to you?" I spat. "Wow fiesty. Well we are your new owners so I think we should know your name or else we'll call you Rover" curly said. "Whatever. Its Megan" I said. "Well Megan. I'm Harry. This is Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall" curly said. "And you are our slave!!" They all yelled. "Wh- what kinda slave?" I asked. "Nothing specific but mostly sex slave." Curly said, "what?!?" I yelled.

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