the Midnight twins past

Luna’s p.o.v
Why did they do this me?!
I ran through the rain with tears streaming down my cheeks like fresh water running down a creek. I feel like I’m supposed to be somewhere… but I don’t know where. Running to a lake, I looked at my reflection.
I don’t even recognize myself…
Kieron’s p.o.v
They did this!
They made my sister go through this hell!
I’ll never forgive them!
Not Now!


5. My new best friend!

Luna’s p.o.v

Ever since Miss Pilly took us in, we’ve been living in luxury because she’s an extremely famous singer. She’s adopted us now and we are one happy family even though it’s just her and us. She’s even giving me singing lesson’s now! I’ve learn’t so many new things and I’m finally happy! Today though she has to leave for a tour in America and we’ll be home alone for a week.

“aw why can’t we come mommy?” I whined. Pilly leaned over and hugged me saying “because I’m not allowed to take you this time sweetie, but don’t worry I’ll be back in a weeks’ time and Mimi will be here to take care of you. She says she’ll take you ice-skating, rock climbing and lots of that stuff, so don’t worry you’ll have fun!” “Mimi hates us and you know it” Kieron disagreed. Pilly walked out the door as we continued to complained, while following her out to the limo parked outside. She turned around and said “enough complaining children, now I know you don’t like Mimi very much but I need you to put up with her for just a week okay? Now I’m leaving so can I have a kiss goodbye?” we exchanged our farewells and then we watched as the car drove away.

Sighing I walked back inside. I hated being alone but I was the only one who wanted to go outside, so I went for a walk by myself.

I grumbled angrily, thinking about our evil baby sitter. I absolutely hated her, she was always whining and flirting with every guy she laid her eyes on, it was ridiculous.

I found a little clearing and laid down while looking up through the dappled treetops to the cloudy sky. The wind blew gently; softly kissing my hair and making it flow with its current. I closed my eyes and imagined flying through the pillows of clouds.

I could hear everything from the rustling of the tree tops to the swaying of the daisies around me. I was in paradise, but it didn’t last long as the breaking of a twig disturbed the tranquility of the peaceful forest.

I sat upright and wearily looked around, seeking out the disturbance. A soft chirping hit my ears. I got up; walking towards the sound I arrived at an old hollow log that had moss creeping up the wood. A small chick lay in the hollow looking frightened and alone, it tiny light brown feathers fluffed up indicating that it was probably on a few weeks old.

I crouched down and two beady yellow and blue eyes looked up at me with confusion. I held my hand out and the baby bird cowered in fear.

“Don’t be afraid, come on out! I’ll keep you safe” I soothed. It seemed to understand me as it slowly came out of hiding and hopped onto my hand. It’s size fit perfectly with my hand as I lifted it up to eye level.

“I think I’ll call you sparks! Well sparks how would you like to be my first friend!?” I asked. It chirped in response and I said “I’ll take that as a yes!”

I placed sparks on my shoulder and he hid under my thick brown locks. I giggled at how cute he was and I slowly got up, being careful to not knock the chick off. I walked back and sneaked into the house, creeping to my room. Putting Sparks on my bed and I went to get supplies. I set up a little home for him in my walk-in robe with a shoebox bed, water and bird seed next to it on top of some newspaper. Looking once at sparks in confusion I went to our library, looking for a book about bird species. Once I was done I went back to my room and tried to find out about what species sparks was.

“No way!” I gasped my eyes widening in shock. “You’re a Red Eagle!?” I asked. He nodded his head in response.

I squealed in excitement. Yay! My new best friend is a red eagle! I thought.

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