the Midnight twins past

Luna’s p.o.v
Why did they do this me?!
I ran through the rain with tears streaming down my cheeks like fresh water running down a creek. I feel like I’m supposed to be somewhere… but I don’t know where. Running to a lake, I looked at my reflection.
I don’t even recognize myself…
Kieron’s p.o.v
They did this!
They made my sister go through this hell!
I’ll never forgive them!
Not Now!


4. Miss Pilly

Luna’s p.o.v

It was my shift now and the rain got heaver than I thought it would get. I learn’t something new then. The rain would dampen the other smells and scents making it almost impossible to smell anyone nearby.

As I gave up on smell I moved onto sight and something amazing happened. As I looked around I could see everything from the body temperature of a human to the skeleton of a leaf. I could make my eyes adjust to whatever I wanted to see.

I suddenly became aware of a figure standing at the bottom of the tree. I recognized it as a woman in her late 40’s and I heard her say “what are you doing up their children?”

I shook Kieron awake and pointed at the woman quietly.

“Who are you?” I asked. “My name is Pilly and what are yours?” she answered. “My name is Kieron and this is my twin sister Luna” he replied. “What are you two doing in a tree might I ask? And where are your parents?” “We ran away because our parents abused us” Kieron told her.

She gasped and quickly said “oh you poor things! Come down here so I can get a better look at you” she said. We happily obliged and climbed down. But the minute she looked at me, I could tell she knew I was injured. She rushed up to me and moved my shirt up exposing my broken ribs. I just stood still she gasped at the horrible bruising. I felt absolutely nothing as she felt around for anything else broken and I didn’t care. Then she said something completely unexpected

“Would you like to stay at my home with me?”

Wide eyed, Kieron and I nodded furiously while smiling like maniacs. She led us to a huge mansion- and I mean HUGE! - And welcomed us inside with a smile.

We were given a massive room with a big walk-in robe and private bathroom.

But what’s more important to us is that we were given a home in which we belonged to and a family that actually cared. It was the happiest moment of our lives.

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