the Midnight twins past

Luna’s p.o.v
Why did they do this me?!
I ran through the rain with tears streaming down my cheeks like fresh water running down a creek. I feel like I’m supposed to be somewhere… but I don’t know where. Running to a lake, I looked at my reflection.
I don’t even recognize myself…
Kieron’s p.o.v
They did this!
They made my sister go through this hell!
I’ll never forgive them!
Not Now!


1. Her pure heart

Luna’s P.o.v

“awww why can’t we go?!” I whined. Mother and father never allowed us to leave the basement because we were different. I would complain and complain but they always said it’s too dangerous. Ever since Kieron and I were born, they kept us down here in a decked out basement, never to see the light of day.

“Luna for the last time no!” my mother shouted.

“Awwww” I complained. I ran to my brother as my brown hair flew out of its pigtails.

“Kierooonnn! Why aren’t they letting us go outsiiiieeedd?!” I moaned in annoyance. “I don’t know Luna... I just don’t know…” he sighed. “One day you’ll learn you ungrateful brats” she hissed as she left.

Kieron sat on the couch and looked down sadly. I waddled over and reached up to place my hand on his cheek. “Don’t be sad big brother, smile for me please!” I asked. He looked down at me and smiled gently.

 Believe it or not I’m 7 years younger than my brother but we’re still twins. I’ve been 4 years old for 7 years because dad said it was a side effect for what we are, so my brother was 11 and I was turning 5 then.

“I’m alright Luna” he said nuzzling my hand. He placed his hand on mine and closed his eyes, leaning onto it.

Kieron’s p.o.v

Closing my eyes I thought of every reason I could as to why people would hate my little sister. I couldn’t think of any reason not to love her, she was just so perfect and pure. I didn’t understand why our parents hated us so much.  I mean what was so wrong about Luna and me? Why did they look at us with disgust in their eyes? What were we anyway?

I opened my eyes and looked down at Luna.

 She was smiling… 

I’ll admit she was strong; she was able to smile, even though our parents verbally abused us.

Our mother then came in and said in a sickly sweet voice “time for a bath Luna”.  Luna ran to her as she picked her up and left for the bathroom. Luna seemed to love our parents even through the abuse and she always ignored the fact that they always took advantage of that.

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