Secret told

This is the sequel to "Our little secret" if you haven't read "Our little secret" then you wont get this story. So read "Our little secret" please............. Blurb: Justin and Riley are going to tell people that they are going to date, but something gets in their way. What's stopping Justin and Riley from being a couple? Will they get over it and date or will they go there separate ways? Is love stronger than hate for them? Read it to find out!! :) XoX jUS10_2611 <3


4. Think again

Grace's POV




Justin and Riley walked off the plane and they were both clearly pissed to see me. I'm pissed to see that she got Justin back. But think again Riley........


Me, Hannah, and Macy all walked away from Justin and "the bitch".


Macy: I hate her so much right now!

Grace: I know me too.

Macy: we should do something?

Hannah: Like what?

Macy: like get back at her.

Grace: we should, but what should we do?


I looked around at the girls. We are now in a nearby Starbucks.



Macy: uhhh? oww, I got it! We should...........



Justin's POV


*At the concert*


I feel like I preformed like shit. But everyone told me I did great. I'm not depressed I'm actually pissed off and I can't help but to show it. I don't want my fan's to think anything of it, but Riley knows there's something wrong with me...... I hate how she can read me. But it's a good thing she can't read my mind.


Me and Riley are now walking back to the tour bus in silence. When we walked in it was like a tornado came through my bus.



Riley's POV


When me and Justin walked in the tour bus it was a disaster. The whole bus was trashed. There was broken glass, toilet paper, ripped photos, torn pillows, clothes and anything you could think of was on the floor of the tour bus.


I walked forward a little bit with glass crushing underneath my shoe's. Then I saw a piece of paper on the counter. It was a note. There was a box of tissues and condoms by the note. 


The note read:





Dear Riley and Justy,

                 Do you like your presents I left you? The tissues are for you Riley, your going to need them soon, when you realize that Justin might be keeping one of the biggest secrets from you yet. And oh ya those condoms are for you Justin....... Protection.


Love you lots,





I looked back down at the tissues and the condoms. Why the fuck does she want to ruin everything? Hasn't she screwed up my life already.


Then I heard glass crackling from behind me.



Justin's POV


I watched Riley read the note. When she was done reading the note she looked back down at the condom's and the tissues. This is it. She knows. And its all Grace's fault! 


I walked up from behind her.


She turned around.


Riley: what is this?


She held up the box of condoms and tissues.


Justin: I can explain.

Riley: explain what?

Justin: are you pissed at me?

Riley: No, but that's what I have been wondering since yesterday.


What? Grace didn't tell her?


Justin: no I'm not pissed at you either.

Riley: oh,...... Why would Grace do this?


She waved her arms over the mess that Grace and her friends left for us.


Justin: I don't know?


Then all of the sudden Scooter walked in.


Scooter: hey Justin great job again and.......


He stepped on the broken glass, which crackled when he stepped on it.


Scooter: What the fuck.


Scooter is not the guy that cusses, but when he does that means he's really pissed or is really hungry. In this case I think he is pissed.


Scooter: who in the fucking hell did this?


Yep he's definitely pissed.


Riley: Grace.

Scooter: that bitch.

Riley: I know.


He looked around at the mess and when he saw the she smashed in some of the walls he lost it.


Scooter: I'm calling the police!

Riley: Yeah.


Riley walked over to Scooter and Scooter pulled out his phone to call the police.


Justin: No!


They both looked at me confused.


Justin: I mean.... no..... we can just move tour buses.

Scooter: No! She could hurt one of you if we don't stop her!  

Justin: She couldn't hurt us we have Kenney.


I looked at Riley and she had a disappointed look on her face.


Riley: why are you protecting her?

Justin: I'm not it's just that she could have done worse.


Riley rolled her eye's and stomped off the bus.


Scooter: What's up Justin?

Justin: Nothing.... nothing. Just can you please not call the cops?


He gave me a confused look.


Scooter: yeah I guess.


He put his phone back in his pocket.


Justin: Can we get a different bus?

Scooter: ya I guess.


Scooter walked out of the bus and I followed him. He went off and made a few phone calls the 10 minutes later a new bus came. My security team move most of mine and Riley's stuff that wasn't damaged into the new bus.


Justin: thanks.

Scooter: yeah, your welcome, if she does something like this again then she is going to get her sorry little ass in jail.

Justin: ok.


I walked on the new bus. It looks just like the old one.

I walked into my bedroom and Riley was in there changing.

She put her pj shirt on and looked at me.


Justin: you want to talk?

Riley: your telling me everything tomorrow.


Then she hopped in the bed and pulled the covers over herself.


I got changed into my pj's and then got in the bed. Riley was facing the other direction. I put my arms around her and she pushed them away.


Riley: not tonight....... Good night.

Justin: Good night..... I love you.


It was silent for a second.


Riley: love you too.


she didn't mean it. 


I turned around and fell asleep.



Riley's POV


Justin: Why the fuck would you do that?


I slightly open my eyes and look at the clock its 7:20 am.


Justin: you need to quit this game Grace!


Justin is on the phone talking to Grace. I want to hear this.


Justin: No she doesn't need to know!

Justin: Please Grace I'll do anything, just leave us alone.


His voice sounded worried.  


Justin: okay? But what will that do?

Justin: are you sure?

Justin: okay, I'll be there at 2:00.


Be where at 2:00?


Justin: bye.




A/N: What was Grace and Justin talking about? Where is Justin going to at 2:00? Find out in the next chapter.............. Soo sorry I don't update a lot. But thx for all the nice comments. I'm thinking about writing another Movella it wont be a sequel to this or anything, but I just have an Idea brewing in my head. Love you gi's! 






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