Secret told

This is the sequel to "Our little secret" if you haven't read "Our little secret" then you wont get this story. So read "Our little secret" please............. Blurb: Justin and Riley are going to tell people that they are going to date, but something gets in their way. What's stopping Justin and Riley from being a couple? Will they get over it and date or will they go there separate ways? Is love stronger than hate for them? Read it to find out!! :) XoX jUS10_2611 <3


20. The Text

A/N: Maybe some of you are noticing and maybe some of you aren't, but I totally had a brain fart about Riley's parents. I forgot about them, I thought that I wrote that they went on a 6 month vaca to Small village in Africa, but I didn't. FYI that is what happened and Riley's parents are still there.


Sorry, I hope you still love me...💜



Riley's POV



We walked into Pattie's house. There was a warm sent to her house.......I love it.


"I've missed you so much!" Pattie said and then pulled me in for a tight hug.


"I've missed you too!" I hugged her back.


Then I felt to arms snake around my waist and pull me back.


"Mine!" Justin pouted to his mom.


Pattie looked at me. "He's always had a problem with sharing."



I smiled at that and stroked Justin's arms. Then we started to walk into the kitchen, Justin was still holding on to me.


Nobody was here. But thats kinda how I like it, its nice and cozy.


"All right, I'm going to steal Justin for a little bit." Scooter said for behind.


I frowned a little. Justin sighed and then let go of my waist.


"I'll be back." Justin whispered in my ear.


I nodded and then Justin walked out of the house with Scooter. I looked back at Pattie and a sighed a little.


"You thirsty?" She said walking over to fridge.


"Uhhh, yeah, I'll have orange juice please." I said walking over to sit on the stools in the island.


"Just, like Justin." She said pulling out the orange juice and a glass. I gave her a confused look.


"The orange juice.......Justin likes it too." She said.


"Yeah." I smiled.


She poured my glass and handed it to me.


"Thanks." I said, then I took a sip from the cup.


"No, thank you." She said while putting the orange juice away.


"I didn't do anything?" I said.


"Oh, but you did," she turned around and rested her hands on the island table. "Justin's been so much more happier, and I know that its you who makes him happy."


I slightly blushed and looked to the floor. "Well." I whispered to myself.


"Well all I have to say is thank you and mama Mallette needs a little rest." She said with exhausting eyes.


"Okay, well sexy Mama Mallette, better get some rest before the concert." I said laughing.


She laughed with me. Then she walked around the island and over to me. She gave me and tight hug and a kiss on the side of my forehead. I closed my eyes. These are the moments that I will never forget.


She let go of me and began to walk up the stairs to her room.


"I love you." I said as she walked away.


"Love you too baby." She said without turning around. Then she was out of sight.


She's like my second mother. Hey, speaking of mothers, I wonder what my parents are thinking?


I looked at my phone but I didn't have any missed calls. My parents probably don't have good reception down in Africa. And I doubt they saw the news.


I don't want to add drama to their lives right now, I do miss them, but I have Pattie and Jeremy to keep me from feeling parentless.


I got up off the chair and walked up the stairs quietly to Justin's old room. It still looked the same. Pattie didn't change anything and I like it like this.


Every time that me and Justin would come here I would always take naps and hang out in here by myself. Its my thinking room.

I went over and got under the covers of his bed. I figure that I should get a little more shut eye before the concert.


*2 minutes later*



I opened my eyes. My phone buzzed. I pulled it out thinking it would be a text from Justin..... But, it isn't. It was and unknown number.


I sat up.

Unknown text:


You may think your in lala land now, but it's just the beginning of hell for you. If you think Justin's fans will like you, well then guess again. Just because you go to Canada with him and now, all of the sudden everything's okay and you can travel the world with him. No bitch. No. You won't make it out of this game alive. That's a guarantee.


Tell anyone about this and you won't just have to protect yourself, you will have to protect Jay's family too.






My heart is pounding 100 miles per minute. My plums are getting more and more sweaty. I can't. Why? I feel so unprotected. So Stalked. I can't let her hurt them.


Scared is an understatement. Yes, I thought it was okay from now on and I feel like I am in lala land. But now, you ask? I feel like I'm in a never ending nightmare.


I know, I know, it was just one text, but just imagine someone sending you something like that? Wouldn't you feel a little 'scared'?


I felt a tear fall down my face. I whipped it off a little. I don't want to smudge my makeup. I sniffled in and lied my head back down and just stared at the ceiling.

My life is such a joke. None of this would have happened if I just would have stayed away from Justin...but now I need him more than ever.…


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