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This is the sequel to "Our little secret" if you haven't read "Our little secret" then you wont get this story. So read "Our little secret" please............. Blurb: Justin and Riley are going to tell people that they are going to date, but something gets in their way. What's stopping Justin and Riley from being a couple? Will they get over it and date or will they go there separate ways? Is love stronger than hate for them? Read it to find out!! :) XoX jUS10_2611 <3


5. #RunawayLove

Justin's POV


Justin: bye.


I hung up the phone. I was talking to Grace. I looked at the time on my phone. It's 6:20 am. Grace called me first.


I turned around to see that Riley was still sleeping. I sighed, then threw my arms around her waist then gave her a kiss on the cheek. I fell asleep after like 10 minutes of lying awake thinking about how much I hate Grace right now.


* * *


When I woke up Riley wasn't in my arms anymore. I looked at the clock it's 10:00 am. I got up out of the bed and went into the main part of the bus. Riley wasn't there.


I looked in the bathrooms she wasn't there. She wasn't on the bus. Riley's not the one to just disappear. I'm not going to going to freak out, but I would like to know where she is.


I got out my phone and called Riley. She didn't pick up. I feel like I should go crazy and call her a million times, but I'm not.


I got out my favorite cereal "captain crunch berries".


Justin: yum!


I pored myself a bowl and ate in silence. I wish Riley was here so I can hear her beautiful voice to try and get me to talk.


I called her again. Nothing.




Riley's POV


* that morning*


I looked at the clock it is 8:00 am. I slowly got out of Justin's grip and put a pillow were my body should be, but I have to know where he is going.


I got my clothes that were lying on the floor of Justin's room and put them back on. I put my hair in a messy bun. Then I walked out into the main part of the bus. I felt the back of my pockets to see if my phone was there.


Riley: Shit.

I whispered to myself.


The I slowly opened the door to Justin's room, only to find him sound asleep. I looked around the room for my phone. Then I found it. Justin was holding it. my phone my phone must have been on the pillow when I gave it to Justin.


I reached out to grab my phone. When I touched Justin's hand he had a little spaz attack which made me yelp because he scared me...... good thing Justin is a hard sleeper.


I reached back in for my phone. this time I managed to slip it out of his hands without him having a spaz attack.


When I had my phone I ran to the door which wasn't the best idea. I stubbed my toe on Justin's wooden dresser. Now I have a huge splinter in my toe.


Riley: oww.

I quietly, silently cried a little.


Then I put on some flip flops, that must have been in Justin's old tour bus, and walked of the tour bus.


I called a rental car place and the came out and gave me a car to drive.


He pulled up in a car with my rental car on the back of it. I took a look at the car, Mustang...... Nice.


rcg (rental car guy): okay just sign here, and that will determine that you will give the car back by next week.


I sighed the paper.


Riley: oh, I'll have it in within the next 2 days.

rcg: okay sounds great, enjoy!

Riley: thanks!


He drove off in another car that he brought.


I sighed and got in the car. I started the engine and drove off. I looked back to see that the tour bus was still there. Then I looked at the clock its now 9:30 am.





Justin's POV


It's 9:30 am. Time is slowly approaching 2:00 pm. I'm really nerves, scared, mad and mostly confused.


Scooter: morning bud!


Scooter snapped me out of my thoughts.


Justin: Moring.

Scooter: Is she still sleeping?


He whispered.


Justin: No I don't know where she is?

Scooter: huh? Have you tried calling her?

Justin: ya 2 times, she didn't pick up.

Scooter: maybe she's shopping?

Justin: maybe. But I know she would tell me, she's not the kind of girl that would just get up and leave me.

Scooter: yeah, your right, she's not.


It was silenced, till Scooter broke it.


Scooter: she better get back soon, we're leaving at 4:00.

Justin: she'll be back.


I looked out the window, there we cars driving by and confused belieber's looking for me.


Justin: I hope.


Scooter walked up and put his hand on my shoulder.


Scooter: just think positive.


Then he walked out of the bus. He was right. I do need to think positive if I want this confusing relationship to work out.


I got out my phone and took a picture of me kinda of frowning. Then put #Runaway Love.



Riley's POV


I stopped at a little coffee place. I went in. It was so cute, everything was so different from Starbucks and other big named coffee stores.


I got a blueberry muffin and a hot chocolate. I ate my muffin in peace until my phone beeped then buzzed.


1 new instagram post (Justin's post) , 2 miss calls (from Justin), and 1 new message from F'd up Will.


I clicked on the message that will sent me.




Will: I heard. :(

Riley: omg will, don't take it the wrong way.

Will: But u lied 2 me!, u used me!

Riley: no! That was Grace who told u all of that dating shit!

Will: who?

Riley: Grace! She's my bitch friend, who wants 2 ruin my life.

Will: oh.....

Riley: ya, I'm sorry :(

Will: I still like u.

Riley: thx I like u 2!

Will: friends?

Riley: defiantly!

Will: cool. ;)






My phone buzzed again. It was a text from Justin.





Justin: we're leaving @ 4, and I would like my girlfriend to come with me. ;)


Even in text messages he sounded fake.





I turned off my phone. Then finished the last few bits of my blueberry muffin.



Worker: bye! thanks for coming!

Riley: thanks!


I walked to my car. When I got in the drivers seat I hit the gas pedal with my toe on accident.


Riley: OOWWCH!


I hit it right on the part where I have a splinter. I looked at my toe and it looked infected. I looked at the time on my phone It's 12:45 pm. I guess I should get it looked at.


I drove around the little city and found a tourist guy. I pulled up next to him.


Riley: excuse me do you know where the closest medical center might be?

Guy: oh ya...... you keep going up this street for like 10 minutes and the will be the main road you take a right and head down that road for about 20 to 30 minutes and right at the end of the road there you will find the hospital.

Riley: okay thanks!


I waved to him and started my journey to find the hospital.


* * *



I am sitting on a doctor table, while two doctors are put things in my foot to try and get the splinter out.


I looked at my phone. 1:59. I silently sighed to myself. I guess I'm not going to see where Justin was going.


Doctor: Well Riley, we got out the splinter, and you should take this 2 times a day for about a week. After that you foot will be well and healthy.


Riley: thank you.


I took the bottle of pills from the doctor. Then I grabbed my purse and headed out the door of the room.


I looked around the place. Then I saw a new born baby area. I walked over to the window and saw all the new born baby's. I just wanted to pick them up and take them, they were all so cute.


Riley: Hi cuties! gooche gooche goo.


I waved with my fingers to the baby's.


Then I turned my direction to the door. I heard a doctor talking to people. I looked up.


Doctor: okay, the test results will come back to you by 4:00 or 4:15.

Grace: thank you.

Justin: thanks sounds-


Justin looked up and saw me. There was already water in my eye's.


Justin: Riley? Wait its not what it looks like.-

Riley: oh so Grace isn't pregnant?! and your not the one who screwed her?!

Justin: Uhhmm?


Grace smiled at me.


Grace: we don't know for sure if its positive that Justin is the daddy.


I looked at them all disgusted even the doctor.


Riley: I'm done!


I ran out of the hospital with tears rushing down my face. Why is it always that we brake up in hospitals?


I go in my car. I hit the wheel. And screamed a little. Then I started the car and drove away.






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