Secret told

This is the sequel to "Our little secret" if you haven't read "Our little secret" then you wont get this story. So read "Our little secret" please............. Blurb: Justin and Riley are going to tell people that they are going to date, but something gets in their way. What's stopping Justin and Riley from being a couple? Will they get over it and date or will they go there separate ways? Is love stronger than hate for them? Read it to find out!! :) XoX jUS10_2611 <3


15. Never want this moment to end

Riley's POV


The next time that I opened up my eyes was when I felt someone touching my face. I'm afraid to look. What if its Macy? And she's coming back for more revenge.


"Hello?" a kind voice said.


It didn't sound anything like Macy. So I'm going to open my eyes. It was the flight attendant, the one that asked me if I wanted some peanuts. I moaned a little. My whole is aching.


"Who did this to you?" She asked lifting up my shirt and seeing the bruises.


I can't tell her! But..... No Macy clearly said she would hurt Justin if I told. I have to protect him.


"Uhm.... When I got up I fell down and hit my head on the seats arm rest." I said trying my best not to sound like I'm lying.


"What about your stomach?" She said with doubt in her voice, like she knew I was lying.


"Oh well that's been there for a while. I hurt it when I was playing softball." I said......nice one!


She held out her hand so I could get up. I gladly took her hand and stood up.


"So you must have hit your head and fainted." She said to me while we were walking down the isle.


"Ya, must have." I laughed a little. "I'm such a cluts." She smiled. "I know the feeling." We finally got to the gate and walked out. I looked at the clock, I was only out for like 25 minutes. weird, it felt like 2 hours.


"Have a safe trip home." I turned my head to the flight attendant, she was waving to me and was walking to another gate.


"Thanks!" I said and waved. I looked around. Expecting at any moment Justin would come running up behind me. But, no. I walked around and then saw him, Justin. Sleeping. secute. All my emotions that I have been feeling today have been lifted of my shoulders.


I walked over to him and curled up on his lap. I wrapped my arms around his waist and just sat there, curled up on his lap, not caring if someone see's. I've missed him too much to let that stand in the way. I want to tell 'Our little secret'.............I just don't know who to tell him. But this is a good enough sign for now. All I can hear is the sound of his heart, its at a slow pace and I like the feeling of knowing he's alive, it just makes me feel safe.



Soon I felt two pairs of muscular arms go around my waist. Then I felt a kiss on the top of my head.


"I've missed you so much." I heard his deep voice say to me.


"I've missed you too." right as I said that I felt him squeeze me tighter. But I didn't budge, I never want this moment to end.



Justin's POV



I woke up with Riley on my lap, well at least, I think I'm not dreaming. So I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed the top of her head, she smelled just like Riley.



"I've missed you so much" I said to her.


"I've missed you too." I began to squeeze her tighter, this can't be real. Its been forever since I've held her in my arms. I never want this moment to end.....



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A/N: just an fyi, Riley does have bruises on her face, its just that Justin hasn't looked at her in the face. And that's why he's no freaking out about what happened to Riley's face..........

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