Finally Found You

Best friends as children only to be broken up and split apart. This was tough for Mia, the only thing tougher then losing your best friend is re connecting after some time. Because thats when you see the changes and learn all the secrets they've been keeping from you, their families, the world and surprisingly themselves as well.


8. CHAPTER 8- Getting ready

"Mi.. Please slow down wait for me. Please. Im sorry!" Grace said as she continued to pick up her pace.

"Please Mi just say something.. Turn around and at least look at me." She said softly.

Finally reaching the train station and getting in line i finally turned around and looked at Grace who had now caught up to me in line.

"Look Grace. Do you know how much trouble we could get if mom or dad found out..?" I asked getting more mad by the second. I would only them mom and dad if i was talking about the both of us.

"Next." The lady called out. I walked up to her an explained the situation. She listened closely and then told me that she would try to get me on the next train if there was space.

I made my way over towards the benches and took a seat as Grace soon joined me. She put a hand on my knee and tilted her face towards mine like she would always do to get my attention, and most of the time it would work.

"Mia we'll be okay, this will take longer but it will be okay." She said to me as she lifted her hand off of my knee and stared towards the time board for departures and arrivals to see when the next train would get here.

Being only two people was easier to seat all on one train then if we were four or five. The first train that came had seats that were free but none were next to each other. My seat would be in the 7th cabin while Grace would have to sit in the 9th cabin.

Once i had gotten my luggage up into the cabin i looked down at my ticket and made my way over to my seat. Not wanting to be bothered by anyone or anything like the movie they play during the ride, i put in my headphones and closed my eyes as i let my mind drift off to the music.

I guess i must've fallen asleep because before i knew it i had woken up and we were there.

I was just putting my things into my purse when i heard Grace shout out to me. She helped me get my bags and this time, lead me towards the right tunnel into the right direction. 

We had finally arrived in London. Waiting outside for us was a car that i would've guessed our parents had arranged for us. Hopefully he had not been waiting to long for us.

"Hello Ms Williams and Ms Williams, let me help you with your bags." He said not before opening the back door and helping us inside. By the time we had gotten in and had buckled up the driver made it back to the front of the car in the drivers seat.

"Where are we going?" Grace asked unsteady but at the same time excited.

"We're off to Claridges hotel. Only the best for the daughters of Mr. Williams." He said with a spice to his voice.

In about nine minutes we arrived outside this massive 5 star looking hotel. Our driver had been very sweet and helped us with our bags only to be told that the hotel staff would be able to then take over. 

I attempted to tip the driver but he had told me that it had all been taken care of with our parents. I thanked him and he was then on his way. Walking into the hotel i was blown away by how amazing it looked. I have stayed at some very nice hotels in the past but none of them had compared to this one. 

Once we were checked in we had realized that they had already taken our bags into our room. We were told to follow one of the staff members and she was soon pointed out to us. She opened the doors to our room and i was blown away. It was massive. You could easily play hide n seek in that room and it would take some good searching skills from the other person to find you. Grace was the one that pointed out that what we were standing in was in fact only one room. She opened the white and golden french doors to reveal another room similar in size and colour. 

Like we always do when we get to a hotel we unpacked our things and then put our things for baths in the washrooms. 

"This is what a movie star's life is like!" Grace said as she flopped down on her bed.

"Ya this and a thousand screaming fans that don't let you go out anywhere without a picture or autograph." I add. I hear Grace sigh.

"We sort of have that you know." She says.

"What do you mean Grace?"

"Well when people find out who we are or who our dad is i should say, they start to freak out then." She says.

"Ok but then all they want is rather a picture or they want some way for us to give them dad's autograph or they want him to listen to their CDs which, surprisingly they always seem to have on them. They only end up using us in the end." I say with a chuckle.

"But dad isn't even that well known as a producer yet." 

"Well they seem to like him. Anyways want to go get ready?" I ask walking towards the closet.

"Ok. Lets wear those clothes we bought a couple days ago! We both looked good in them." She says pulling out a indie looking dress.

I scramble around in my own closet until i reappear holding up a informal black top with some dark jeans.


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