Finally Found You

Best friends as children only to be broken up and split apart. This was tough for Mia, the only thing tougher then losing your best friend is re connecting after some time. Because thats when you see the changes and learn all the secrets they've been keeping from you, their families, the world and surprisingly themselves as well.


5. CHAPTER 5- Birthday surprises


"Mi-Mi hurry up and get downstairs we're gonna open gifts!" Grace shouts out as she shakes me awake.

I open my eyes thinking about him. That's what I've been doing now for 8 years. I'm 18 now finishing high school this year. Gracie still has one more grade. Today also happens to be Gracie's birthday. Her parents are crazy rich now. A few months after adopting me her dad got promoted as C.E.O. But even so we still live in the same house. 

I ran into the bathroom and checked my appearance. Over all these years and still I haven't taken off that necklace. "It's like a part of you!" Grace would  say. Some of the letters had faded so now it just said 'Harry'. 

I brushed through my long brown wavy hair and looked at my big brown eyes. Once I thought I looked presentable knowing that Margie would be taking pictures I rushed downstairs. 

Margie did a really good job at making the place look like a wonderland for an eight year olds birthday. That was my idea. But I knew that our gifts would make up for it.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Gracie happy birthday to you!" We all sang. She blushed. She's always been an easy blusher.

Al started by giving his gift first. Brand new iPhone 6. Now we both had the same phone so she would stop whining when I pull mine out now!

Living in their house they treated me like one of their own. Being two months older than Gracie I got things first. Even though I'm not their Biological daughter they still gave me amazing gifts. Grace didn't mind. As long as I looked and felt happy that's all she always ever wanted. For her sister to be happy.

My gift was next. I bought her a life size cardboard cut out of Niall and bought her a life size pillow of Niall. Once she saw my gifts she almost cried.

"Omg!! I love you Mia! She screamed before she ran over to the cut out and hugged it but not before making out with the pillow. That got her some creeped out faces from Margie, Al and I.

"Yeah no problem. The pillow was hard to get though!" She ran over and hugged me super tight.

"Come down tiger!" Margie said. She said as she handled Gracie a Envelope.

"Seriously mom.." She said looking down at the envelope disappointed.

"I don't know Hun, I wouldn't just a card by its thickness!" She said with a wink.

"The hell mom?" She gave Margie an confused look. 

It only took Gracie about three seconds to get into that card. Once she opened the card she literally fell over. After helping her up she screamed at the top of her lungs. "WHAT ONE DIRECTION TICKES AND BACKSTAGE PASSES!! AHHHHHHH!" 

We all plugged our ears. "See I wanted Disneyland but no she gets tickets and backstage passes." Al said.

"Well dad when it's your birthday we can go to your kiddie Disneyland." Grace said all calmed down.

"Mom did you know when the concert is? It's in two days!!" Grace said with excitement in her voice.

"We'll go shopping for an outfit today!" I said excited just because we would get to go shopping. I mean don't get me wrong i think all the boys from one direction are pretty sexy but I'm not one of those fan girls.

"Oh mom please can we go shopping today?" Grace asked.

"Of course but be safe my little darlings!" She said giving up both a kiss on our forehead.

We ran up to our room and grabbed our things. I grabbed my bag and phone and car keys. I ran to the bathroom and applied a natural look with my makeup. My hair flowed like summer waves so I left it the was it was.
I turned around to see Gracie grabbing her things as i headed to the door. 

"I'll wait in the car come once your ready. Remember it's just the mall not the eHarmony hotspot!" I said before walking towards my black Range rover.

I pulled out my phone and saw a tweet from Gracie.

"Going out to shop for a outfit for the concert tomorrow with @Mi-Mi-My
Eek can't wait! #flawlessNiall"

"Of course she would." I thought.

She hopped into the car and we took off. It was a twenty minute car ride. I don't even put the car in park when I heard Gracie jump out the car. Wow is she ever excited!

We spent about 4 hours in the mall about need up spending $485 all together. I bought a outfit and some sweats and hoodies. You know comfort clothes. Now miss rich on the hand bought five outfits a bag with Niall written all over it and a bunch of poster papers.

"We can make posters!" She said all happy.

"Oh yippy. Can't wait!" I Said Sarcastically

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